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This wealthy capital of the Netherlands is surrounded on three sides by the sea, and the sea is the source of Amsterdam’s extraordinary economy and cosmopolitan culture. In the seventeenth century Amsterdam was the wealthiest city in the world, with shipping routes that encompassed ports throughout Europe and the near and far East. These diverse cultures are quite evident to the traveller to Amsterdam.

Also quite evident to the visitor to this city of extensive canals and magnificent art and architecture is the multifaceted nature of lodging. The voyager to this metropolitan center of shopping and the Rosse buurt can stay at hotels that can be inexpensive to outright cheap. These cheap accommodations in Amsterdam are a Dutch treat.


The Hotel Sint Nicolaas is a gift to the thrifty traveler from Santa Claus, which is the anglicized equivalent of Sint Nicolaas, or its contraction, Sinterclaas. The hotel offers a continental breakfast and comfortable lounge and is near Dam Square and The Royal Palace. While these accommodations are quite cheap, they are also quite quaint.

Standing inauspiciously in the heart of Amsterdam’s entertainment district is the Hotel Heart of Amsterdam, which is an exceedingly cheap accommodation that is quite convenient.

The Hotel De Lantaerne is just steps away from the Leidseplein, the busiest square in Amsterdam. With its old world architecture this venerable hotel offers solid comfort in the cheap accommodation milieu.

Located in the heart of the fashion district is the Hotel Hem Amsterdam, a stylishly cheap accommodation that also offers a buffet breakfast. It also has a number of reasonably priced restaurant facilities.

Also in the Leidseplein Square area is the Marnix Hotel, an abstemiously cheap accommodation that offers a free breakfast.

If the traveler is interested in the artistic life of Amsterdam, the artistically cheap accommodation called the Inner Amsterdam is ideal. The price includes a free continental breakfast buffet that will energize the artistic travelers as they experience the nearby Van Gogh Museum.

The Hotel Flipper is not a flippantly cheap accommodation. It is in an excellent neighborhood of South Amsterdam and includes a full, complimentary breakfast.

The Tourist Inn is a very cheap accommodation for the parsimonious traveler.

Ohmkar Guesthouse – Amsterdam is in the heart of the district Rouge, and it is a cheap accommodation that will not make the guest see red. Guests can also use the kitchen to cook their own meals.

A cheap, centrally located accommodation is the Hotel jupiter. It is a small, sedate hotel that serves an extensive breakfast buffet.

An accommodatingly cheap hotel of centuries past facade is the Hotel Manofa, which is quite convenient to the shopping district.

A cheap hotel of accommodating service is the Trianon. It is right next to the illustrious Concert Hall and is ideal for music lovers and lovers of abundant buffet breakfasts.


The Bed and Breakfast Jiva is a simple and cheap accommodation.

The B&B Boat Friesland offers the traveler the chance to stay on a cheap boat accommodation on a ship that can accommodate thirty six people. It boasts a fully equipped bar and offers a free Dutch breakfast.

The Anna Maria V is a centrally located ship that has ten cheap accommodations. The price, of course, includes a hearty breakfast.

The Hotelboot Zwaan is an unique, cheaply accommodating bed and breakfast that has a terrace on the water. A fine breakfast is included.

The seventeenth century Amsterdam4Holiday is a charmingly accommodating, cheap bed and breakfast that exudes the atmosphere of old Holland.


A number of apartment complexes offer rather cheap accommodations that offer more space than hotels and sleep more people.

The Gilded Dragon apartments offer two bedroom suites that sleep six and are very cheap per square foot.

Another cheap complex is the Tulip apartments, which can sleep four people.

The Amstelveld has excellent and rather cheap two bedroom apartments.


The canals around Amsterdam are filled with stylish, large house boats that can be rented as cheap accommodations. Sleeping four people or more, they can offer ideal lodging for large groups that can be half the price of cheap hotel accommodations.


With its wealth of cheap accommodations, Amsterdam offers every traveler an opportunity to obtain inexpensive lodging so that no vacationer should become a Flying Dutchman without a place to rest.

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