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Monitor Privacy Screen - Why Monitor Privacy Screens?

information viewing computer glare

Monitor privacy screens are invaluable tools. Whether sitting in a cubicle, waiting in an airport or working in an internet cafe, computer users need ways to protect their vital information such as credit card numbers and personal contact information. In addition, current privacy laws require anyone dealing with personnel issues keep all employee information confidential. Monitor privacy screens provide protection without adding a great deal of bulk or weight to the laptop or desktop computer and keep the visitor across the desk from seeing what he or she should not.

There are many things to consider when choosing a monitor privacy screen. The first may be the size and type of monitor being protected. Screens that protect a desktop monitor may not have catches that fit over the lip of a laptop and netbook monitor. Traditional screens of fifteen inches have been replaced with lcd monitors as large as twenty one inches and as small as nine inches. The privacy screen must cover the entire viewing area in order to be effective.

Once one has determined the area that needs protecting, the computer user must choose a type of privacy screen. Blur or distortion screens are perfectly clear to the user sitting before the monitor. As someone approaches from the side or tries to look down upon the viewing area, the privacy screen material shifts the light that passes through it and makes the information unintelligible. These screens may prove distracting to those who move from in front of the computer often, since they will see the information change from clear to illegible and back again.

Another option is a screen darkening technology. Similar to the technique used at intersections to direct the stoplight color toward a driver, these screens use louvers to direct light away from the casual passerby. The slats are so small they are difficult to distinguish with a naked eye, yet the results are obvious. A perfectly clear and well lit monitor looks black is if turned off from any angle than directly in front of it. Even the most skillful puzzle master cannot crack a code he cannot see.

Although designed to protect personal information and comply with privacy laws, there are other advantages to using monitor privacy screens. A common complaint among office workers is eye-strain. Long hours looking at a lighted viewing area is tiring for almost everyone. Monitor privacy screens provide a way to reduce the glare and ease the strain. This leads to increased productivity and reduced errors. It also leads to greater employee comfort.

Any one who has ever tried to read a tiny font around a scratch in the viewing area will appreciate yet another reason a privacy screen can be helpful. By placing one over a brand new monitor, the built in screen is instantly protected from fingerprints, careless nails and incidental damage. The viewing area stays safe from scratches and oily residue which extends the life of the monitor.

Finally, it is time to consider brand, price and warranty. A small screen protector with limited glare reduction and no warranty will cost less than a twenty one inch filter that reduces glare and promises money back if the customer is dissatisfied. A recognizable brand name provides security that the company will back its product, but may increase the price beyond a less famous product of similar design and material.

As with any business decision, balancing needs is important before making an actual purchase. The added benefits of glare reduction or monitor protection cannot outweigh the need for preventing identity or data theft. However, a search for the best materials, craftsmanship and warranty may make the selection process easier.

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