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Budget Suites Las Vegas - Why The Budget Suites Las Vegas Is A Great Choice For Any Traveler

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If you enjoy nightlife, gambling, entertainment, endless sunny days, relaxing by the pool, or incredible energy, then Las Vegas is for you. There are only two places in the United States that are so abuzz that it makes the hair on your arms stand up – in a good way. These two places are Midtown Manhattan in New York and The Strip in Las Vegas. New York might be known as the city that never sleeps, but you have to search for the clubs and bars that stay open all night. In Las Vegas, no search is required. You can step into any hotel, casino, nightclub, or bar off the strip and you will find plenty of people having a good time. Las Vegas might be a very convenient city, but if you want to make it extra-convenient, stay at the Budget Suites Las Vegas. The Budget Suites Las Vegas is right in the middle of the strip, behind the Stardust. It’s only a few steps from all the action yet offers a little more peace and quiet than other strip hotels. If you would like to look up the exact location for the Budget Suites Las Vegas, the address is 1500 Stardust Road, Las Vegas 89109. The phone number is 1-800-442-4002.

There are many benefits to staying at the Budget Suites Las Vegas. The most obvious benefit is that it’s cheaper than most Las Vegas hotel rooms. While the Budget Suites in Las Vegas doesn’t offer erupting volcanoes, pirate shows, and dancing fountains, it does offer suites at incredible prices. A Suite at any other hotel in Las Vegas will cost a fortune, especially if it’s on the strip. This makes the Las Vegas Budget Suites the perfect option for anyone who enjoys a little more space. It’s nice to have a full-size kitchen with a microwave and dishwasher, as well as a living area. It’s like staying at an apartment that you don’t have to lease. In addition to that, amenities include a fitness center and a pool. The pool area is not as extravagant as the pools at some other Las Vegas hotels, but it blows away any normal hotel pool area. The pool area is gorgeous. The only difference between the pool area at the Budget Suites Las Vegas and pool areas at other hotels on the strip is the people. This is not a pool area where you will find drunken people stumbling, yelling, and dancing. It’s a much more laid back atmosphere.

If you’re visiting Las Vegas for business reasons, the Budget Suites is an excellent choice. The costs are minimal, the location is central to everything in Las Vegas, there is a meeting room that can fit up to 75 people, and the business facilities include a fax and copy machine. If your plans change, expect the customer service to be accommodating. Early and late check-in and check-out are often a possibility. The only time these might not be an option is during peak travel season.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to venture too far, the Budget Suites Las Vegas has its own casino. However, if you want to take full advantage of the Las Vegas experience, the Budget Suites Las Vegas is close to all the top casinos in Las Vegas, including The Mirage, The Bellagio, The Venetian, and Caesar’s Palace.

When you stay at the Budget Suites Las Vegas, be sure to request a room upgrade. If the hotel isn’t crowded, they will honor the request. This type of customer service is difficult to find, which is why the Budget Suites in Las Vegas should be strongly considered. Other features for the Las Vegas Budget Suites are a newsstand, a picnic area, a barbeque, ice and vending machines, valet parking, maid service, and handicap accessibility.

One thing about the Budget Suites Las Vegas that might pleasantly surprise you is the lush landscaping. It’s not easy to find so much greenery in the desert. Other important facts about the Budget Suites Las Vegas are that the person making the reservation must be at least 21 years old, there is a 2-day cancellation policy, it is only 5 minutes from McCarran Airport, and it is only two blocks from Fashion Show Mall.

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