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City Discount Hotels - No Matter What City, Discount Hotels Offer Good Bargains

types of city discount hotels

Found in any city, discount hotels are also called budget, economy or cut-rate hotels. They usually advertise for tourist travelers and are frequently located in large cities just off of tourist areas. They normally do not contain convention halls or banquet rooms that would attract business travelers or conventions.

Most of these hotels are quite adequate for a tourist who is planning on spending most of his day site seeing. They can be clean and even luxurious but at a price much lower than the top-rated hotels in a city. The amount they charge varies with the amenities they offer.

Types of City Discount Hotels

Hostel. The Hostel is the cheapest discount hotel. They have been popular for generations with university students traveling on very tight budgets. Young people traveling in a group often find that sharing rooms and bathrooms enhances the common experience. These hotels are the ultimate in no-frills, sometimes lacking television, phone service, or air conditioning.

Historic Hotels. Many of these hotels were the upper-budget establishments of their day but have run down a bit as time took its toll. Some are still quite cozy but are no longer in the best locations. They have another-era charm but fewer amenities than more modern hotels. Some are clean, attractive and well kept but a traveler should always ask to see his room before handing over his credit card.

Chain Discount Hotels. Although, not all chain hotels are discount several famous chains are. They are often the most luxurious of discount hotels and since they are built and run to a standard they offer far fewer unpleasant surprises to the weary traveler. They save money by their efficient design and bulk rate purchases and pass some of those savings on to the customer. These are the ultimate tourist hotel since they are cheap and adequate.

Boutique Hotels. Once again not all boutiques are discount hotels but many are. They are generally smaller places with a single owner. They feature artwork and design instead of swimming pools and workout rooms. These establishments are found close to the city center. A discount boutique may save money on service and housekeeping, so a traveler is wise to read reviews before booking a room there.

Guest houses. These are private homes that have been converted into lodgings. Not all guest houses are discount. Some can be quite pricey. They are owner-managed places often with the owner still living in a part of the house. Guest houses are popular in smaller cities across America. They are ideal for lesser-traveled tourist areas that do not have the traffic to attract a larger establishment. Discount guest houses save money by eliminating twenty-four hour staff. Usually the owners do all of the work.

How to choose a city discount hotel

1. Decide on a budget. A vacationer should decide first what he wants to spend and what amenities are essential. Sometimes the cheapest hotel won’t do. Discount hotels come in a wide price range and offer different attractions. A tourist who simply wants a place to rest after a long day out can usually find something pretty cheap. But a traveler who can afford a slightly higher price could find some nice accommodations still at a discount.

1. Do some homework. Not all discount hotels are discounted all the time. Prices fluctuate as businesses offer sales or coupons online. Many establishments do not advertise as discount hotels but several nationwide travel agencies promise that they can book a full-price hotel at a discount rate. A vacationer who wants to get the best price should take the time to do a little online research.

Also, a traveler should take the time to read reviews of hotels from travelers who have stayed there. Beware, some hotels write their own reviews or hire it done. A review that raves about accommodations too much might be a paid endorsement. There are some good travel websites that only post honest reviews. After a little while it should be easy to tell one from another.

2. Consider off season. All hotels whether discount or full price, hate empty rooms. They would rather keep a room filled at a lower price than see it unoccupied. Off-peak vacations to popular cities are often the most fun times to come. Even the cheapest New York City discount hotel will charge more if it is in the path of the Macy’s parade on Thanksgiving day.

However, New York, Chicago, even Orlando and all other large American cities have attractions that are not seasonal. It’s possible to have fun and save money with discount hotels by traveling off-peak.

3. Ask about further discounts. Many places give further discounts to non-smokers, veterans, or members of a group like “AAA” that negotiate lower prices for its members. Also, the way a traveler pays sometimes affects the price. Ask about upfront payments or cash vs. credit card purchases.

No matter what city, discount hotels offer a way to vacation without breaking the budget. They are often smaller, older places with fewer amenities but a traveler who is alert and willing to do some online research first can get a good place at a good price. Many discount hotels offer a more simple charm and family atmosphere than the larger full-priced places.

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