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Tulsa Ok Hotel - Comfortable and Elegant Tulsa, OK Hotels

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The hotel market in Tulsa, OK may be geared toward the family friendly and business crowd, but the best hotels in Tulsa are as elegant and comfortable as they are conveniently located and affordable. Big names in hotel chains have taken root in Tulsa, OK making it easy to Tulsa tourists and those just passing through can easily trust and rely on them for consistent, accommodating service.

Holiday Inn Tulsa, City Center
17 West 7th Street
Tulsa, OK 74119
(918) 585-5898
The biggest name in affordable hotel stays, Holiday Inn, has brought a boutique point of view to its downtown Tulsa, OK hotel. The location of this quaint art décor hotel in the heart of Tulsa, OK is beyond convenient for any class or style of traveler. Business people visiting the Holiday Inn in Tulsa will be pleased by its location amongst the city’s convention centers and the headquarters of the largest companies set up downtown. The low per night cost and short distance to the best performing arts, shopping and outdoor activities makes this Tulsa, OK hotel ideal for both families traveling together and younger tourists seeking the full Tulsa experience.

Hilton Garden Inn, Tulsa Airport
7728 E. Virgin Court
Tulsa, OK 74115
(918) 838-1444
For a taste of elegant luxury in the center of Middle America, travelers seeking a great Tulsa, OK hotel should spend the night at the Hilton Garden Inn at the Tulsa Airport. In terms of its location, those arriving to Tulsa, OK by plane could not find a closer hotel of the same standard as the Hilton Garden Inn. The hotel is directly next to the main entrance of the Tulsa Airport and shuttles to and from a guest’s gate is free of charge and departs frequently. The rooms themselves fit into the Hilton family perfectly, creating a light, airy and relaxing environment in which guests can unwind from a day exploring Tulsa.

Park Inn, Tulsa Airport
2201 North 77th East Avenue
Tulsa, OK 74115
(918) 835-9911
A full scale renovation transformed the Park Inn at the Tulsa, OK airport into a warm, welcoming and comfortable hotel. One of the best parts of the Park Inn in Tulsa, OK is its charming and beautiful on-site restaurant and bar. The rich, plush décor of not only the public spaces is carried into the guest rooms, giving the affordable airport adjacent hotel an air of class and luxury. Its location is highly convenient, nestled between the bustling city center and Tulsa, OK airport.

Doubletree Hotel Tulsa, Downtown
6110 South Yale Ave
Tulsa, OK 74136
(918) 495-1000
Another example of a classy, affordable and comfortable hotel in Tulsa, OK is the Doubletree Hotel in Tulsa’s downtown district. The key distinction of the downtown Tulsa Doubletree Hotel is that it is the only hotel in the city actually connected to the frequently visited convention center. Those visiting the city for a special event at the convention center will find this the most conveniently located hotel around. The rooms are simple and comfortable, meant to create a space that is easy to relax, work and play in.

Tulsa, OK hotels expertly combine affordability with well-situated locations and elegant design. Airport, shopping, entertainment and business accommodations surround the best Tulsa, OK hotels, allowing for an easy time spent exploring and getting things done in and around the city.

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