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Capresso Coffee Machine - Learning About Your Capresso Coffee Machine

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Lucky you who own a fine capresso coffee machine. This high quality brewing system is likely to be your best friend in the morning, so learning how to enjoy it is a must. Treat it like a best friend, and you’ll have a relationship for many years to come. Whether you have a grind and brew machine or a standard 10 cup coffee maker, it is essential to know what special features your particular machine has.

If you have not already purchased a coffee maker, then you should decide which features you prefer. Do you like to wake up to the smell of fresh-brewed coffee? A capresso coffee machine has the capability to be programmed the night before so you can do just that. Measuring out the coffee and the water ahead of time makes your morning a little easier. All capresso coffee machines use cone shaped brewing baskets preferred by Europeans as the ideal method for the most flavor extraction from the beans. The water passes through the grounds rather than sitting atop them so your coffee will always have that “aaahhh…” factor.

Your machine comes equipped with a gold filter for the brewing basket so you need never run out of filters. The gold filter also eliminates the possible chemicals that can pass to your coffee used during the production of standard paper filters, so your coffee is purer too. No unusual flavors will mar the authentic coffee house taste of your brew. Always use fresh, cold water when making your coffee to allow the flavor to develop during the infusion process.

Do you enjoy grinding your coffee beans just before brewing for the freshest flavor ever? If so, there are models that will do the job for you. Imagine grinding your beans and then sipping the coffee you made minutes later, hot and fragrant. The conical shaped burr grinders process the coffee beans more slowly than blade grinders, and afford a finer grind for your everyday coffee. Darker beans will benefit from a coarser grind, but the stainless steel burr grinders will establish a more uniform blend for a bolder cup of coffee.

Capresso coffee machines maintain a constant high brewing temperature of around 200 degrees to assure the best tasting coffee. Hotter water brings out the aromatic oils in the beans to provide a more delicious beverage. Many machines feature thermal carafes that will keep your brew hot and tasty for hours. A nice feature of these machines is that you can remove the carafe for a quick cup during the brewing process and the coffee maker will stop briefly to allow for this. Also, with the grind and brew machines you have settings that allow you to adjust the strength of the coffee whether you’re using pre-ground coffee or your own whole beans.

Brewing your best cup of coffee might mean an espresso or a latte. If so, capresso espresso and cappucino machines are an ideal choice. The capresso high pressure brewing system for espresso works quickly to avoid the transfer of harsh and bitter flavors to your beverage and leaves the crema on top every time. Then you can swivel around the frother attachment and steam your milk in seconds for a coffee shop quality hot drink in your own home.

Taking care of your machine will keep it functional for a long time, so be sure to gently wash and rinse the brewing basket, filter and carafe with each use. Air-drying these removable parts will keep them lint free. Dry the inside lid of the water tank as well, to avoid limescale buildup and unpleasant taste and odor. There are commercially made coffee machine cleaners which should be used regularly to remove buildup in the working parts of the tank, but be sure to use only the kind recommended for your machine by the capresso manufacturers.

The consummate cup of morning joe is available at your fingertips with the attractive and space saving capresso coffee machine, an investment in your lifestyle and a modern convenience that you’ll use every day.

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