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It Analyst Jobs - How to Obtain IT Analyst Jobs

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Over the past few decades, the business world’s reliance on computers and information systems has increased considerably. At the same time, information systems, business networks, and databases have become far more advanced and efficient, but also far more difficult to maintain. Because of this, there is an increased demand for information technology, or IT, analysts. IT analysis work by setting up and maintaining a company’s network system, databases, and information systems. While this is a great in demand career path, obtaining IT analyst jobs does require several steps.

The first step in getting a job as an IT analyst is to get the proper education. All IT analysts are now expected to obtain some form of higher education. After high school, a prospective IT analyst should ideally attend a traditional four-year university. At school, the student should major in a technology focused educational path, such as computer science or information technology. If a traditional four-year school is not an option, obtaining a degree from a two-year trade school could also provide the education necessary to become an IT analyst.

After finishing their education, the next step in obtaining IT analyst jobs would be to obtain some certification. For IT analysts, there are a wide variety of certification programs that could be obtained. Typically, each form of certification that an IT analyst could obtain correlates with a specific type of operating system. Since certifications take time and money to obtain, selecting a certification that would be most in demand would make the most sense. For an entry-level IT analyst, it would be best to obtain a CISCO Certified Network Certification and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator certification because these would have the most use in the professional field.

Once certification and education is completed, finding IT analyst jobs should not be too difficult. While there are many employers looking for IT analysts to work on their in-house staff, it may be best to work for a third party company that does information technology work for several small businesses. Working for a third party company is ideal because it will give the analyst an opportunity to work on a wide variety of networks and meet many different people in the industry.

While working, an IT analyst should continue to further their education and improve their resume by obtaining more levels of certification. These certifications should open the door for future opportunities and other IT analyst jobs. In many cases, the analyst’s employer may choose to cover the costs for the certification. Furthermore, the analyst should join the Association of Information Technology Professionals, which is also known as the AITP. At AITP meetings, the analyst will receive many opportunities for both networking and education.

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