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Downtown Montreal Hotels - Hotels in Downtown Montreal

hotel de la montagne le germain hotel le saint-sulpice

Montreal, which was once named Mont Royal by French Explorer Jacques Cartier, and then previously named “city of Mary,” is an island and cosmopolitan city in Quebec, Canada that is located near the St. Lawrence River. Next to Paris, Montreal is the largest French speaking city on Earth. The historic downtown district of Montreal is filled with beautiful skyline buildings and older architectural buildings, as well as one of the largest underground structures in the world. The underground city, also called La Ville Souterraine, consists of buildings that are connected on the upper and lower grounds lined with offices, metro stations, universities, arena, banks, amphitheater, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, condominiums, and apartment buildings. The oldest buildings in downtown Montreal are a church and a market called Notre-Dame de Montreal Basilica and Bonsecours Market. The underground city has been classified as having two different cities inside of one. With over 100 exit points from the underground city, people who visit downtown Montreal find it convenient to stay in many of the hotels on the upper and lower grounds. The central location to all of the major shopping and entertainment hubs has made Montreal one of the most visited tourist attractions in Canada. The underground city is also a great place to get out of the cold and biting weather.

Hotel de la Montagne

This is a boutique style luxury hotel near Belle Center in downtown Montreal. It is part of the underground city of Montreal and it offers guests a wonderful stay in large spacious art deco rooms with either two queen sized beds or one queen size bed, table and chairs, entertainment center, television, and desk in the rooms. The inside of the hotel has a bar and a restaurant on the top floors with an outside eating area that overlooks the downtown skylines. The inside eating are decadent with immaculate Victorian style tables and chairs, and a historic statue in the middle of the room. The lounge area has gorgeous hanging chandeliers with a mansion style look to the hotel. The hotel also has gift shops and a large swimming pool. The rates range from

Le Germain Hotel

This is hotel is located near the historic and beautiful Christ Church Cathedral. It is a snazzy and modern techno hotel with art deco furnishings. The rooms have an office style look with blinds, hanging lamps, queen size beds, robes, desk, ergonomic chairs, and a big screen plasma television. The bathrooms have see through glass showers and a clean and pleasant sink area. The lounge area has a wood burning fireplace with cut logs sitting next to it to keep the fires burning. The rates range from $200 to $225 a night.

Le Saint-Sulpice

This hotel has a British look and feel to it with Canadian flags out front. These are large two bedroom fully furnished suites with separate bedrooms, a dining room with table and chairs, large furnished patio, and a full size kitchen. The beds are large comfortable king size beds, an entertainment center with a television, a desk, and rock walls. The hotel has a gourmet restaurant with inside and outside seating areas, beautiful lounge areas with chairs, sofas, and a fireplace. The rates range from $200 to $230 a night.

Le Place d’Armes Hotel and Suites

This luxury hotel offers tremendously large suites with king size beds, desk with chair, end tables, small table and chairs, easy chair and cravat, entertainment center, large television, mini bar, beautiful floors, balconies with doors that open inward and views of the downtown skyline buildings. The bathrooms look like they belong in a mansion. They are extra large bathrooms with deep walk in tubs, a stand up shower with see through doors, and a large cabinet with a sink. The hotel comes with a gourmet restaurant with a terrace on the rooftop, and a bar, a fitness center, and full service spa. The front of the building looks like a bouffant German style structure with over 5 floors.

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