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Brooklyn Park Home - Why a Brooklyn Park Home is a Good Choice

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Looking for the right house to buy can be exhausting and overwhelming, especially for those new to an area. Individuals moving to the Twin Cities area in Minnesota should consider purchasing a Brooklyn Park home.

Brooklyn Park is the sixth largest city in Minnesota, located on the west bank of the mighty Mississippi a short ten miles upstream from downtown Minneapolis. It is the third largest suburb of Minneapolis-Saint Paul; considered a “bedroom community” of the Twin Cities with a population of less than 100,000 and a median age of about 28 years. It is best known for Edinburgh USA Golf Course and a campus of Hennepin Technical College.

Particulars of a Brooklyn Park Home Purchase

There are hundreds of homes, townhomes and condos from which to choose in the city. The average range of prices for a home in Brooklyn Park is $125,000-$210,000 for 1,400-2,400 sqaure feet. This makes a home affordable for many buyers. Other buyers may find a bargain in foreclosed homes that suits their budget. Most homes are three bedrooms with one or two baths and come with basements.

Brooklyn Park neighborhoods enjoy the abundant beauty of nature surrounding the area. Residents consider their neighborhoods safe, friendly and affordable alternatives to living in a densely populated metropolis. They enjoy beautiful parks, specialty stores, quality restaurants and a large number of rivers, streams and lakes that create a multitude of outdoor activities.

Families buying a Brooklyn Park home will be concerned about the schools in the area. There are 36 schools in the area; 29 public schools, four charter and three private schools. There are four high schools and four junior high or middle schools. The schools are rated by parents with a six out of ten score. Colleges in Brooklyn Park include Rasmussen College, North Hennepin Community College and Hennepin Technical College.

A Brief History of the Brooklyn Park Area

Brooklyn Park is a racially and culturally diverse community with a rich history. In the early 19th century, the area that is the current city was part of the Missouri Territory and was under the protection of a treaty with the Dakota Indians. In 1852 after the federal government opened up the territory for homesteading, pioneers started settling the territory west of the Mississippi River. In the spring of 1852 the first claims in the area were staked and the territorial legislature was setting up Hennepin County.

Ezra Hanscom was one of the first settlers to stake a claim and completed the building of his home in 1953. In that same year, and the next, settlers from Michigan came to the area and named it Brooklyn Township after their home territory in Michigan. The Hanscom home was the site of the first town meeting when the township elected its officers. Originally Brooklyn Township was larger, but in 1860 two sections were cut off in the south forming Brooklyn Center and Crystal Lake. The remainder was known as Brooklyn Township.

Recreational Activity Opportunities in the Brooklyn Park Area

Brooklyn Park has a variety of activities and community events year-round. Residents can enjoy hiking trails, hunting, fishing, parks, Grand Rios, Minnesota’s largest indoor water park and the Brunswick Zone. Children can take riding classes or learn to garden. Christmas holidays bring special skating events for the entire family. Children can enroll in dance or singing programs as well as gymnastics, tennis, basketball and other sporting activities. Ice hockey is a popular sport in Minnesota and children learn to skate on the lakes and ponds at an early age. There are numerous skating and hockey programs in the Brooklyn Park area.

Buying a Brooklyn Park home can be a better alternative to a purchase in the large metropolises of Minneapolis or St. Paul. Individuals moving to the area should consider the advantages and benefits of living in this small community that is still within commuting distance to the big city.

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