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Range Vent Hoods - The Benefits of Range Vent Hoods

smoke cooking bit pan

Cooking over a stove can be a sloppy, smoky, spattery business. All it takes is a little overheating, something attractive to your attention in the next room, or a hasty and slapdash mood, and before you know it the smoke and grease get out of hand. Fortunately, modern kitchen evolution has evolved means of minimizing this tendency. Kitchens are designed not only for efficiency but greater cleanliness and usability.
One of the major facilitators of more effective and smoke free cooking is the range vent hood. Range vent hoods are overhanging structures the sit over the stove and have built in ventilation fans to channel smoke and vapors away from the cooking area. To get a sense of just how useful and beneficial this is, let’s take a look at two hypothetical scenarios both with and without this contrivance:

Scenario 1 – No Range Vent Hood

You’re making a stir fry. There is oil in the pan and a mixture of ingredients such as meat and vegetables in the pan. Through a bit of carelessness you turn the heat up a bit too high. Somebody is talking to you from the next room. You are calling back and forth in an animated conversation that allows you only partial attention to the pan.
Due to the too high heat, the pan starts to smoke. You don’t notice at first and keep on cooking. The smoke accumulates. Your eyes begin to feel a bit irritated. While you walk off for a minute semi consciously to get a bit fresher air, something starts to burn. You run back in and turn the heat down. But the room is now very smoky and you have to open the windows. You realize the curtains, your clothes, and the room in general has absorbed the smoke particles.
From many similar incidents the room starts to smell smoky and greasy. You wash it as best you can, even take the curtains to the cleaners, but the smell tends to linger. It’s not the worst smell in the world, but it still gives you a sense of that “greasy kitchen” environment.

Scenario 2 – Range Vent Hood

You’re making a stir fry. You turn the flame on your pan up a bit high. You sense a little smoke so you turn on the vent in the vent hood. The room stays nice and breathable. Perhaps you’re cooking it a bit too fast, but since the smoke doesn’t accumulate, there are no adverse effects. You aren’t tempted to walk away from the pan. You have the conversation with the party in the other room and yet maintain contact with the cooking area and experience a pleasant fresh air environment. Perhaps you do get a bit distracted and something starts to burn a little bit. You notice this and turn down the heat. But the curtains, your clothes, and the room don’t get an overly pronounced blast of greasy smoke. The room maintains a clean and airy feel regardless of your accuracy level with setting the stove flame (or electric burner level).

Essentially what a stove range vent hood provides is a kind of insurance. You don’t have to be an expertly accurate cook or to be paying perfect zen-like attention at all times to keep smoke levels in control in your kitchen. The range vent hood, by clearing the air continually, allows you leeway and the ability to cook in a more forgiving environment.
Even if you aren’t prone to overheating what you’re cooking, ventilating the kitchen is a good and clean practice. All cooking generates smoke. Gradually this accumulates and gets into the various items in the kitchen environment and your clothes. Again, this isn’t terrible, but a fresher kitchen is always a good idea.

So there you have it. A range vent hood is the way to go. Many modern kitchens come with these appliances built in. But if they don’t, it’s a simple matter to find them at various retailers or purchase them form online vendors. They are a modern standard – a solution to the smoking kitchens that have existed for millennia. You can still receive the savory steams, smokes, and vapors of cooking without blasting the kitchen environment with more than it can handle. Therefore if you don’t already have one, invest in a range vent hood and get with the times.

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