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Bush Gardens Florida - Bush Gardens Florida - A Wildlife Sanctuary with Thrills

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Bush (a common misspelling for Busch) Gardens Florida is a 335 acre, African-themed amusement park located in the City of Tampa. The park, which opened in 1959 as a free hospitality house for the Tampa Anheuser-Busch brewery, offers a blend of enjoying wild animals with the thrills of riding world famous roller coasters. Open 365 days a year, it is owned and operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, a division of The Blackstone Group.

The main focus of Bush Gardens Florida is on the exotic animals that either roam freely or are housed throughout the park’s lush, tropical grounds. The park is one of America’s premier zoos featuring nearly 3,000 animals common to Africa including gorillas, zebras, reticulated giraffes, elands, ostriches, hippos, meerkats, lions, reptiles and hundreds of species of birds; just to name a few. Visitors can experience up close and personal encounters with these animals throughout nine different themed areas of the park either by walking through housed exhibits or taking a ride by jeep or train through the areas where animals are free roaming. In addition, the park also offers guided tours tours related to the animals like the tiger and orangutan keeper experiences and special appearances by world-renowned wildlife conservation experts.

The other focus for visitors at Bush Gardens Florida are the many rides available to children, teens and adults. The park offers a wide variety of rides ranging from those for small children in the Sesame Street Safari area to thrilling roller coasters created by world-class coaster designers. Two of the most popular roller coasters in the park include SheiKra that takes riders on a 200 foot climb and then suddenly drops them at a true ninety-degree angle and Gwazi, a coaster with a record-breaking number of fly-byes that has been recognized by coaster enthusiasts with many consecutive awards. Several areas of the park also offer water rides ranging from simple rafting to bone-soaking coaster plunges into deep water pools.

Other attractions in the park include over a dozen restaurants ranging from fine dining to snacks, numerous gift shops, special events, concerts and camps and classes for participants ranging in age from preschool to college. The park has also become highly respected for its support of teachers through the offering of resources, workshops and special events that provide teachers educational training on wildlife and conservation.

Since 2003, the park has been a major contributor to wildlife research and preservation through the Seaworld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. Each year, this fund awards millions of dollars in grants to individuals and organizations from throughout the world. Some of the major successes arising from these grants have been the conservation of coral reefs in Central America, the rescue of Black Rhinos in Zimbabwe and the conservation of tigers in Asia.

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