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Vacuum Cleaner Canister - Upright vs. Canister Vacuum Cleaners – How Do You Choose?

upright vacuum cleaners

If you are in the market for a new vacuum for your home, the first choice you need to make is whether you prefer an upright or canister model. Upright vacuum cleaners typically have the motor and suction end at the bottom of a unit that is pushed by the user, while canister vacuum cleaners consist of a wheeled motor and collection body that is pulled behind the user as he or she uses a hose and nozzle to suck up debris. Traditionally, upright vacuum cleaners have been recommended for carpets while canister vacuum cleaners have been recommended for hard surfaces. However, new technologies in both types of cleaners have made it so both types are effective at cleaning many surfaces. However, newly created tools and other features make these vacuums different from each other. As such, the decision of whether to purchase an upright or canister vacuum cleaner is dependent on many factors.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are easy to use and can simply be stowed in a closet for storage. These vacuum cleaners can come in self-propelled varieties, making the job even easier. While many believe that upright vacuum cleaners are more effective on carpeting, their bulky size makes cleaning under pieces of furniture, or on stairs or curtains, more difficult. However, it is possible to purchase upright vacuums with long attachment hoses that can extend up a staircase, making these jobs much easier.

Upright vacuums typically have a larger reservoir for storing debris. Whether you prefer a disposable bag that is thrown away when it is full, or a newer bagless model, you will be able to go for longer without emptying the canister.

People who have trouble bending over may prefer to use an upright vacuum, which can be used in a normal standing position. However, mobility can still be an issue with an upright vacuum, which is typically much bulkier than a canister vacuum cleaner. This bulkiness makes it more difficult to carry upstairs and contributes to difficulty storing this item. Although upright vacuums have a small footprint, their height and awkward shape may increase the amount of closet space they take up. Additional features, such as a large debris reservoir and attachments, can exacerbate this problem.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

The biggest advantage of canister vacuum cleaners is that they are easy to maneuver, making cleaning under furniture, on curtains, between couch curtains, and up stairs a breeze. While canister vacuum cleaners have long been recommended for cleaning hardwood floors and other firm surfaces, modern canister vacuums are very effective at cleaning carpeting, as well.

The compact design and light weight of canister vacuum cleaners makes them easy for individuals who have difficulty moving to push them around the floor. Rather than pushing the entire cleaner, the base can remain stationary while the very light hose is held in the users arms. Additionally, consumers looking for a vacuum to be used on multiple stories of the same house may prefer a canister vacuum, as its light weight makes it easy to tote up and down stairs. However, a canister vacuum is not as easy to set up an upright, which can simply be pulled out of the closet. Frequently, hoses need to be attached to a canister to make it functional.

The compact size of a canister vacuum makes it much easier to store than an upright style. The external parts can simply be stacked on the canister, allowing it to fit in many small spaces. Unfortunately, the compact size does mean that the debris reservoir is smaller, which requires users to empty it more frequently.
How to Choose?

As mentioned above, the choice between an upright and a canister vacuum cleaner is highly dependent on the preferences of the user. For someone who has enough storage space and likes to quickly grab the vacuum when they are ready to use, an upright vacuum is likely the best choice. On the other hand, consumers who live in tighter quarters or prefer a lighter-weight option would do better with a canister vacuum cleaner. No matter what style you choose, there are a number of brands that can supply a vacuum to suit your needs.

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