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Children's Birthday Invitations - Creative Ideas for Children's Birthday Invitations

pick a theme make your own

A birthday comes but once a year. However, if you have several children, it’s likely that you’re planning quite a few birthday bashes as the calendar turns. For many kids, inviting their friends and family to share their birthday is a very important tradition. In order to gather this group of revelers, they will need to have the basic information on where and when the party is being held. Children’s birthday invitations are easy to find, fun to make and provide a way to quickly notify any potential guests that your kid’s big day is almost here. There are many techniques you can use to make your children’s birthday invitations fun and creative.

Pick a Theme

The children’s birthday invitations that you use will set the stage for what guests can expect when they show up to the party. This is really a very simple concept. For example, if your daughter wants a princess party, you wouldn’t want to send invitations that were covered in spring flowers. It wouldn’t necessarily be completely inappropriate, but it also wouldn’t set the mood that you desire. A princess party should be full of glitter, wands and, well, princesses, so her invitations should reflect this. A party pirate needs to have invitations that feature a ship, swashbuckler sword or treasure chest to alert guests as to what your focus is.

The easiest way to find themed children’s birthday invitations is to visit a department store or party shop and purchase prepackaged invitations in common themes. Larger stores has a bigger selection, which is especially useful if you are using a less common theme for the party. In addition, most party shops have a full assortment of tableware and decorations to match each invitation theme, making your planning quick and easy. You can also, however, make your invitations, which is easier than most parents think.

Make Your Own

The handmade and handcrafted movement is sweeping America. The good news for your birthday event is that this makes supplies to make your own children’s birthday invitations extremely accessible. Blank cards a very cheap and can be decorated however you like. In addition, for those that want the handmade feel but don’t have the time or inclination, there are plenty of paper artists who are happy to offer their services for your child’s birthday. Online markets such as Etsy.com feature hundreds of handmade children’s birthday invitations from you to choose from.

For the most creative control over the children’s birthday invitations for your child’s event, look at your local scrapbook supply store. Scrapbook supplies make the perfect canvas and palette for true creative expression. Things like patterned paper, stickers, stamps and other embellishments make a perfect addition to a creative birthday invitation. This provides a much greater selection of themes and expressions than if you relied solely on commercially available invitations. You can also use these types of supplies to punch up a generic or commercial invitation. Because scrapbooking follows current trends and themes, the selection is huge and includes basic birthday motifs as well as most characters that are currently popular, as well as more retro motifs from the past.

Using scrapbooking supplies is also ideal for those that want to keep a memento from the birthday party. Most scrapbook supplies are acid free and can be placed into an album or memory box along with the photos of the event.

Get the RSVP!

One of the most challenging parts of planning a child’s party is to get a firm head count of who is going to be attending. This is crucial information that is needed to plan games, buy food and pick up party favors for pint-sized guests. However, most parents just won’t bother to call. One excellent idea for children’s birthday invitations is to leave out some crucial bit of information. For example, instead of completely filling out the date, time, address and theme, leave the time of the party and your address blank. Anybody that is interested in attending will call you for that information, giving your their RSVP at the same time. This strategy really works and is a creative and low-key way to get the information that you need to finish planning.

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