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Flights To Fort Myers - How to Save Money on Flights to Fort Myers

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No matter how you look at it, flying is expensive and flights to Fort Myers, Florida are no exception. Between the cost of the actual ticket, taxes, and surcharges on checked-in baggage, flying into Southwest Florida International Airport can easily break break the bank for anyone. However, if you follow these cost saving tips, you may be able to purchase that Fort Myers flight without going for broke.

Shop around:
You should never purchase the first Fort Myers ticket you find. Always use comparison sites, like Kayak, Expedia, and Travelocity to help you find the best prices. Once you find the lowest price, be sure to compare it to the airfare that’s being advertised on the airline’s website. In rare cases, the cost of the ticket on the airline’s site may be lower than the advertised price on travel sites.

Sign-up for airfare alerts:
Search engines like Bing and travel sites like Expedia will send Fort Myers airfare alerts right to your inbox. All you have to do is give them your email address and tell them where you want to go. These alerts are free, so they can help you save both time and money.

Book your ticket early:
Booking at the last minute will cost you. As your outbound date gets closer, you can expect the cost of a ticket to Fort Myers to increase rapidly. Always try to book your flights at least a few weeks in advance.

Fly during the off-season:
The most expensive times to fly to Fort Myers and most other locations in the world are during the holiday seasons, like Summer and Christmas, but if you fly before or after peak season, you can save a ton of money. Airlines know that everyone wants to travel during the holidays and that most are willing to pay nearly any amount for it. However, they don’t sell nearly as many tickets during the off-season, so prices drop drastically. You may not think that it’s ideal to travel outside of the peak season, but you should consider another major benefit: there’ll be less tourists around.

Don’t fly on weekends:
The demand for weekend Fort Myers flights is much higher than the demand during the week. Since most people don’t go to work or school on weekends, most of them choose to fly on their days off. Weekday travel, on the other hand, is far less in demand, so airlines lower the prices to attract more travelers. Travel on a weekday and you might just make your wallet smile.

Consider flying from a different airport:
It is possible to get a cheaper Fort Myers flight just by changing the airport you fly out from. If more than one airport is within driving distance from you, check the outbound flight costs for both of them, but don’t forget to add the cost of getting to each airport to the final cost of the ticket.

Be flexible on your flight dates:
If you can afford to be flexible on the dates you fly in and out of Fort Myers, you could save a lot of money. Most airline and travel websites will give you the option to search for a range of inbound and outbound dates without conducting multiple searches. Use the flexible date search to your advantage and see if you can save on your trip by flying a little earlier or later in the week.

Enroll in a frequent flyer program:
Whether you fly on a regular basis or not, signing up for a frequent flyer program is smart. Every time you fly, you’ll earn miles toward your next flight and some airlines have even created partnerships with retailers around the globe to help you earn miles as you shop. Signing up for these programs is free, so there’s little reason not to join.

Sign-up for a survey panel:
Like a lot of people, you may not know that some online survey panels reward their members with frequent flyer miles and flight discounts once a certain number of surveys have been completed. All you need to do is set up a frequent flyer account with a participating airline and start filling in some surveys.

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