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Cheap Dining Tables - Where to Find Cheap Dining Tables

new bargain basement deals cheap used tables

While it’s extremely common for students and newlywed couples to have an eclectic mix of furniture, there comes a point when most families want their home to look polished and planned. In fact, many couples mark the transition from newlywed life to a more settled married state by the acquisition of “real” furniture. There are several important types of furniture for the modern home, including a nice living room set and a dining table and chairs. When decorating, it’s likely that you want to have the best furniture that you can afford, punching up the impact and look of your home. The good news is that you can get cheap dining tables that your nosy neighbor would never guess came with a discounted price tag.

New Bargain Basement Deals

When you’re looking at cheap dining tables, you might start with the options available for new furniture. Buying cheap dining tables doesn’t mean that you have to settle for something that has already been eaten off. In fact, there are hundreds of resources that offer wholesale and discounted furniture.

Different companies approach discount furniture in different ways. Some retailers may have such a large selection and make so many sales that they can afford to take a smaller cut off each customer. Many of these shops are online brokers. By connecting buyers to sellers, they don’t have to spend any overhead on maintaining inventory, shipping or keeping a storefront active. Instead, the maker of the cheap dining tables takes care of all those expenses, while still offering pricing that is just above wholesale. These retailers usually have an extensive selection and can offer more stable inventories to buyers.

Another strategy to get new cheap dining tables is to browse a company that buys overstocks and discontinued furniture. Many manufacturers cycle through styles and lines on a seasonal or yearly basis. Even if a company keeps the same dining table style for several years, there is always the periodic need to liquidate old stock. Overstock companies purchase these “left-overs” and offer them to the public at bargain prices. Many companies sell overstock merchandise for less than wholesale cost- sometimes for as little as their manufacturing price. Overstock brokers are one of the best ways to get new cheap dining tables. Keep in mind, however, that selection may be very limited. If you see something that you really like, it’s likely that it won’t be available next week.

Cheap Used Tables

Buying new isn’t the only way to go. For those that appreciate the look and feel and already-loved furniture, cheap dining tables are readily-available used. Used furniture can be purchased from a private seller or from a furniture dealer. Some shops take used dining tables on consignment. Also, don’t forget to look at antique options. You can often find cheap dining tables that will hold their value.

Private sellers are probably the best source for used cheap dining tables. In most cases, a private seller will be less concerned with the value of their table than with getting it out of their way. If your local municipality has a classified listing, search there. You can also use a national for-sale-or-trade service such as Craigslist. If you get really lucky, you may even do better than cheap dining tables and get a nice piece for free. Scoop these up, even if they need a bit of refinishing or are missing chairs; it will be worth the cost. Always take the time to go see the table in person, however. If it’s important that all the chairs are available and match, ask for that information beforehand to eliminate options that don’t meet your needs.

Antiques can be a great source of cheap dining tables. You will, however, have to be careful when searching in this category. Some dealers overprice merchandise or misidentify reproductions as the genuine article. While antique tables may never be directly competitive with more modern cheap dining tables for sale, they do have distinct advantages. Antique tables will maintain value. In addition, they are more often constructed with higher quality techniques and use real wood, unlike most modern tables made with veneer wood. Some damage or wear is normal for antique tables; this is referred to as “patina.”

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