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Wholesale Stuffed Animals - Uses for Wholesale Stuffed Animals

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When most people think of stuffed animals they think of little children clutching their favorite stuffed pets. While this is an accurate portrayal, there are many uses for large numbers of stuffed animals. Whenever a person needs a large number of stuffed animals they need to think to purchase at thewholesale level. Purchasing wholesale stuffed animals could be easier than a person would think. It does not mean that the buyer has to buy hundreds of animals at once.

Children’s birthday parties are memorable events that stay with the child for a lifetime. There are numerous distributors that will offer wholesale pricing to individuals who purchase a specified dollar or number amount. The limits are not that large either, although they do vary from vendor to vendor. Kids will never forget the party that offered stuffed animals as part of their take home pack. At Ms. Teddy Bear for a minimum purchase of $25 individuals can order various stuffed animals for less than two dollars each. That is an affordable deal.

Another use for wholesale, stuffed animals would be a community, church, or school functions. They make excellent prizes for fall festivals, classroom parties, and Bible schools. At closeoutservices.com, these consumers can get eight to ten inch stuffed animals for less than three dollars each. They can also save money by purchasing in lots. The number per lot depends on the quality and size of the animals. The animals are of sufficient quality to last for a while, but cheap enough to make the option viable to the group holding the event.

Wholesale stuffed animals could also be used as customer freebies. There are numerous businesses that have animals as their company logo or mascot. The company purchases a wholesale order and keeps them on hand to give out to customers that purchase from them. Since many vendors offer the option to personalize the animals with the company’s name on them, this option is a valuable advertising tool. For example, a car company uses a gorilla as its mascot. Every customer that buys a car gets a gorilla stuffed animal with the company’s name of it. Chances are they will leave the animal in the car. When others get in the car, they see the animal, with the company’s name, and immediately associate it with the car dealer. This marketing option is another way of keeping the dealer’s name on the minds of potential buyers.

There are also many commercial applications of wholesale animals. They are used in many vending machines as prizes. The owners of the machines have to purchase the animals to put into them. They purchase wholesale in order to have the pricing and number of stuffed animals needed. Many wholesalers offer these vendors special value packs that include the variety of animals needed to fill a vending machine. Carnivals also purchase at the wholesale level. However, they buy on a much larger scale. The basics are the same though all those animals have to come from somewhere.

Some entrepreneurs purchase animals wholesale and then sell at other venues. A person could purchase 200 animals wholesale for $1 each. They could then turn around and sell the animals online in groupings of 25 animals for $3 each. A profit is realized and those buyers searching smaller amounts of animals have the opportunity to purchase them at a reasonably fair price. Another retail opportunity would be purchase the higher quality animals and sell individually for a profit.

There are many different options for utilizing wholesale stuffed animals. There are also many different vendors for these animals. Buyers can purchase is mixed lots that combine multiple kinds of animals that are similar in size. They can also purchase lots of the same animal. It is all dependent on the end use of the stuffed animals, and how they need to present them to the public. Personalization is offered by a large number of companies. It just takes thinking about the end consumer to determine a variety of methods and places in which wholesale animals can offer a benefit.

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