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Favors For Baby Shower - 7 Fun, Elegant, and Original Favors for a Baby Shower

ribbon bar add gift

Favors for a baby shower can be simple and inexpensive but still fun gifts. They are a nice way to thank guests for coming to the shower and celebrating with the mother-to-be.

A potted plant such as a flowering azalea or herb is a lasting gift. You can put colored foil around the pot and tie with a pretty ribbon. Or use white felt and safety bins to make the pot wrapping look like a baby diaper.
Another fun favor for a baby shower is a personalized candy bar. Take a plain chocolate bar out of the wrapper leaving the foil on the chocolate. Print a personalized bar for the label and then wrap it around the bar and secure with double sided tape. You can use a play on words such as “Baby Riley” instead of “Baby Ruth”. The ingredients list could be: sugar and spice and everything nice. It is fun to list the maker of the candy as the names of the baby’s parents.

Homemade cookies that are cut into a playful shape that matches the theme of the shower can be iced with royal icing (which is not sticky) and placed into cellophane bags that are tied with a ribbon. A basket of these baby shower favors also add to the decoration of the shower. You can also put lollipop sticks in the cookies and use them as cookie bouquets during the baby shower.

Scented sachets are elegant favors for a baby shower. Simply buy inexpensive organza bags, often sold in costume jewelry shops or hobby shops. Fill with potpourri, rose petals, or lavender. Pull the ribbon on the bag closed and tie it. Add a baby charm to the ribbon to personalize the gift.

Bookmarks can be easily made from heavy paper that you have cut out and hole punched in the end. Tie a tassel or ribbon through the end. Or take 2 inch or wider ribbon fold end to end to double it. Stitch down the edges and then fold up the cut ends into a point with the raw sides turned inside. Stitch these down and add a tassel to the end.

Once thoughtful gift is to give each guest a small picture frame with a poem about babies or family in the card inside the frame. Then when sending out birth announcements add a picture that they can put in the frame of the new baby or baby and parents.

One fun favor for a baby shower is a small decorative spice jar filled with cinnamon sugar. The label can say “sugar and spice and everything nice”.

If the new baby has older siblings then let them help to make favors for a baby shower. They can string beads or braid colored cords into bracelets or key chains and place them in a basket. Each guest can them choose a gift that they want.

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