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Hotels In Sandusky - Hotels In Sandusky Convenient To Cedar Point Amusement Park

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Cedar Point has more roller coaster rides than any other amusement park in the world. These 17 roller coasters range from slow and steady to fast and aggressive. Where can you find this roller coaster heaven called Cedar Point? In Sandusky, Ohio, right on Lake Erie. Cedar Point is by far the biggest attraction in Sandusky. It’s not only the roller coasters that attract so many people, but this park also has over 70 rides, which is way above the norm for any amusement park. Families who visit Cedar Point and the Sandusky area are almost always pleased with the entertainment; however, finding the right hotel in Sandusky is another matter. You can find great hotels in Sandusky, but it’s easier to find a Sandusky hotel that will disappoint. The information here will help you prevent picking the wrong hotel and help you toward selecting one of the better hotels in Sandusky.

Most of the hotels in Sandusky are on Cleveland Road or Milan Road. These two popular roads are right next to each other and near the shores of Lake Erie and the Pipe Creek Wildlife Area. If you’re looking for convenience and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is the area where you’re going to want to stay. But it’s also an area with many sub-par hotels. This area is flooded with tourists and vacationers every summer, which some hotels take for granted. Knowing they’re going to get the business anyway, they fail to put their best foot forward. Let’s look at a few popular Sandusky hotels in the Cleveland Road and Milan Road area.

The Quality Inn & Suites Rainwater Park is located at 1935 Cleveland Road. Their phone number is 419-626-6761. This hotel has been rated at 2.5 stars (of 5). This is a very poor rating. Much of the reason for this poor rating has to do with dilapidated conditions. This hotel is old and seems to be slowly falling apart. It is cheap, though.

Moving up a notch to a Sandusky hotel with a rating of 3 stars is the Sandusky Hotel Inn & Suites. The biggest positive here is that this hotel is extremely cheap. It’s not uncommon to find rooms for less than $50. The rooms at this hotel are also spacious and relatively clean. Most negative reviews are based on poor service. The address is 1530 Cleveland Road. The phone number is 419-625-9234.

The best Sandusky hotel on Cleveland Road is Knights Inn. This cheap hotel has been rated at 4 stars, which is a combination that is difficult to find. This hotel is not extravagant in any way, but if you want plain and simple at its best, then Knights Inn is the way to go. The address is 2405 Cleveland Road. The phone number is 419-621-9000.
Another solid option on Cleveland Road is Econo Lodge North. It has a traveler rating of 3.5 and it’s cheap. The address is 1904 Cleveland Road. The phone number is 419-627-8000.

Three hotels to avoid in this area include Howard Johnson Sandusky Cedar Point, Howard Johnson Express Inn Sandusky Hotel, and Rodeway Inn South. Each of these Sandusky hotels has received a rating of only 2.

If you value peace and quiet more than the average traveler, consider Great Wolf Lodge. The prices are double what you will find on Cleveland Avenue, but it’s worth the extra money. You will be a few miles away from all the commotion yet still close to Cedar Point Amusement Park. This hotel has received a 4-star average. It features an indoor water park and is perfect for anyone traveling with kids. This hotel is also known for its cleanliness and great food. The address is 4600 Milan Road. The phone number is 866-257-5627.

If you don’t mind a lot of noise and appreciate superb accommodations and convenience, stay at Castaway Bay right in Cedar Point Amusement Park. This hotel has a 4.5 rating and the prices are moderate. In addition to having free parking, an outdoor pool, and a balcony, you will also have an opportunity to enter the park one hour earlier than anyone not staying at the hotel. This offers a great head start so you won’t have to wait in long lines all day. The address is 1 Cedar Point Road. The phone number is 419-627-2350. Castaway Bay is the most popular hotel at Cedar Point, which has a lot to do with it being the closest hotel to the water park.

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