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Belkin Wireless Networking - Belkin Wireless Networking 54G Products


The Belkin Corporation has a complete line of wireless networking 54G products that run at 54Mbps while operating on 2.4GHz. This product line from Belkin will provide a faster network while remaining backward compatible because the 2.4GHz frequency band is the same as the Wi Fi 802.11b, and other networking products that have a 54G marking.


Belkin wireless networking 54G products will work and interpolate with most all preexisting wireless products in the business or home. Below is a list of Belkin wireless networking 54G products.

- Cable / DSL Gateway Router

- Network Access Point

- Notebook Network Card

- Desktop Network Card


All of the wireless networking 54G products come with software programs that are designed to help the user easily install the product. The Easy Install Wizard software will eliminate the need for a user to decipher information such as host names and IP addresses. A user can simply connect to the Internet with the router, and insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive. Once this is done, the Easy Install Wizard will determine the connection that is being used and then connect to the Internet Service Provider.

On the Belkin wireless networking 54G router there is a parental control software that filters web content. This software will allow a user to guard their children from web content that could be harmful to them. It can also be used in a business setting to keep employees from browsing questionable or dangerous websites.

This powerful tool from Belkin helps a user by providing a selection of over 30 categories for access rights, and it will not require each website to be selected for a status of restricted access. All new websites will be automatically marked the first time that access is requested, which gives the user total control over whether access is granted or denied. There is also an activity report that is available that provides complete monitoring of all web content.

Other features of Belkin wireless networking 54G products are:

- The router can share files, a broadband connection to Internet, and has wireless range that requires 75% less points of access than that of an 802.11a network.

- The network access point joins wireless capable computers to preexisting networks that are wired.

- The notebook network card can fit any 32 bit CardBus slot and keeps the batteries running longer with a chip set that has low power consumption.

Belkin not only manufactures wireless networking products, but also cables and accessories, USB (Universal Serial Bus) devices, surge protectors, and many other high quality products for computers of the home or business. All Belkin products, including Belkin wireless networking 54G products are available on and offline.

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