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Online Spell Check - Services To Perform An Online Spell Check

browser-based solutions

While most word processors are equipped with a spell check function, the notion of writing documents offline is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Microsoft Office has long been the standard for composing documents, but for those with several computers who want to maintain work understand how painful it can be to sync documents between devices.

Thankfully, USB drives and services like Dropbox have made it easier to sync documents offline, but as more and more office services are moving into cloud based computing, the ability to spellcheck online has become a necessity. Services like Google Documents and ZoHo Writer are great because they are a fully featured word processor that is accessed through the browser. It provides online spell check similar to what you would find in Microsoft Office and all that is required to use the service is a free account from Google or ZoHo.

If creating an account with Google is not your cup of tea, you might want to consider one of several websites that will accept a block of text and test it for errors. A good online spell check services in this vein is JSpell.com. Whereas traditional English word processors such as Microsoft Office and those spell checkers utilized by Google Documents are designed to function primarily in English unless the language is changed, JSpell.com offers spell checking for English, French, Spanish, Italian, or German. Another great benefit of the site is its understanding of medical terms, which makes it a valuable asset for those pursuing a degree in the medical field.

If the content you are wanting to spell check has already been published online, then Orangoo.com offers a valuable service, in that it will spell check a certain URL as entered and provide you with corrections that need to be made. This service is useful if you want to find and correct errors rapidly without having to read through multiple lines of code in order to correct the errors. In addition to spell checking URLs, Orangoo.com offers standard online spell check services as well.

Browser-Based Solutions

Online spell check is a great service to utilize when you are in a pinch and you do not have access to Microsoft Office or a similar stand alone word processor, but what about a spell check for every day use? Most modern browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer have a spell check feature built in for assisting users when typing in online forms or sending emails, but this spell checker is often not as robust as it could be. This is where browser plugins come in to provide a great online spell checking solution that is free and easy to use.

After the Deadlline – After the Deadline is a Firefox and Chrome plugin that can be added to the browser to check spelling, style, and grammar for proper usage. It uses an intelligent engine that can analyze text to determine tense as well as proper usage, making it a great tool for anyone who frequently writes online. As such, After the Deadline offers plugins for Wordpress, a very popular blogging platform millions of people use to publish content. After the Deadline also works with OpenOffice.org, a very popular online word processing solution similar to Google Documents.

ieSpell – For users of Internet Explorer, there is not a fully featured spell checker that functions similarly to After the Deadline, but ieSpell fulfills a basic role in that it expands upon the default online spell checker included in Internet Explorer to make it a more robust service. Once installed, ieSpell will spell check any forms that are used online, such as text entry, emails, blogging, etc. It provides a valuable service, but really falls short when compared to the features After the Deadline offers.

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