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Plano Texas Homes For Sale - What To Know When Shopping Plano, Texas Homes for Sale

plano, texas attractions plano, texas economy

When shopping Plano, Texas homes for sale, one should keep in mind that this is a unique locale. While Plano is a suburb of Dallas, its population of almost 275,000 makes it a major city in its own right. Plano is large enough to have suburbs of its own—Allen and Frisco for example. Home to dozens of corporate headquarters and one of the strongest business climates anywhere in the country, Plano is attracting new residents every day. Here is what you should know about Plano, Texas homes for sale.

Plano, Texas Attractions

While Plano’s population would seem to make it a major city, it lacks many of the problems big cities face—crime is relatively low here, and the grime and crowds of big cities are nowhere to be found. Plano’s downtown is a beautifully preserved historical district which now features some amazing condominiums. Singles and young professionals shopping Plano, Texas homes for sale should consider these spots, close to restaurants and night life, served by the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) light rail and coveted around the DFW Metroplex for their style and comfort.

But Plano was built for families, and the local schools draw people from around the world to this community. Plano schools are consistently ranked the best in North Texas and some of the best in the country. More Plano students take AP tests than any other school district in the Western United States, and it is among the largest districts in the state to achieve the “Recognized” status from the Texas Education Agency. Plano, Texas homes for sale have values higher than most other cities in the area because people want to send their children to school there. These higher property values make more money for the district, which only creates more attraction—Plano schools are the bedrock of this community.

Other family and individual opportunities combine to make Plano popular. Faithful of every tradition can find congregations—Plano is home to dozens of churches of Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox varieties, mosques, synagogues, Hindu temples, Buddhist centers and a variety of other traditions. This is in part due to the profound diversity on offer in Plano. While many other North Texas suburbs are overwhelmingly Anglo White, Plano has large East Asian, South Asian and Hispanic populations. This is one of the reasons Plano hosts such a diversity of restaurants, and the dining opportunities here bring in people and business from around the region. If you are looking for an eclectic and exciting place to live, start shopping Plano, Texas homes for sale today.

Plano, Texas Economy

Plano, as has been noted, is home to several of the country’s largest corporations. Frito-Lay, J. C. Penny, EDS, Dr. Pepper/Snapple and dozens of others call Plano their home. Legacy Drive is a beautifully landscaped boulevard through the heart of West Plano, site of the most significant corporate headquarters in the city. West Plano in general is the most prosperous part of the city, and West Plano, Texas homes for sale can reach into the high six figures or even million dollar range. This area of town is home to major professional athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs and other wealthy individuals and families. A Plano Texas home is a big investment, and on the West side of town it can be even bigger.

Texas’ low taxes, labor costs and business-friendly regulatory climate has meant that Plano and the surrounding area has escaped the worst of the recession, and home values are still safe here. Corporations who are finding difficulty making ends meet in other parts of the country are relocating to Plano in large numbers, and with its wide range of neighborhoods, Plano, Texas homes for sale can be found in almost any price range. Texas is believed to have the country’s most vibrant economy, and Plano is one of the state’s business powerhouses.

Whether you are a young professional looking to move up the corporate ladder or a family looking for a safe and welcoming place to live, there are Plano, Texas homes for sale that fit your needs and budget. With great schools, great people from around the world and opportunities available nowhere else, Plano is a beacon for America’s future.

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