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Euro Pro Vacuum - Pros and Cons of the Euro Pro Vacuum


Vacuum cleaners tend to last for many years, so when you find yourself in need of one, you probably don’t know the latest technology. It’s good to do a little research. For example, Euro Pro, a respected manufacturer of steam cleaning products, also makes an upright vacuum now called the Shark Navigator. Let’s explore this fine model a little more closely.


Many vacuum manufacturers today produce bagless versions. The Euro Pro vacuum is no exception. Its dirt holder is exceptionally easy to remove, empty and replace. It has other ease-of-use features as well. It’s lighter than most high-performance vacuums at just 15 pounds. It has smooth-gliding, rubberized wheels that will never scratch your floors. Its ergonomic grip assures easy maneuverability.

With most vacuums once the filter gets clogged the vacuum stops working efficiently and may stop picking up the dirt altogether. The Euro Pro Shark vacuum introduces Infinity Technology, which keeps 99 percent of the dirt and grime vacuumed up separated from the filters, allowing a more consistent suction for a longer period of time. On top of that, the filters are washable. They even give you two sets so you can keep vacuuming when one set is in the wash.

The Euro Pro vacuum is powerful. It has a unique two-motor system so the electronic brushes can be switched off separately from the main power. This facilitates moving from carpeted areas to bare floors. Its 30-foot power cord allows you to clean multiple rooms while plugged in to a single outlet.

Exceptional above-floor cleaning is accomplished with its 12-foot reach, thanks to the super-stretch hose and handy attachments. These include a dusting brush, handy for tabletops and bookshelves; two crevice tools, one 24 inches long; and a small turbo power brush designed specifically for removing pet hair from carpets and upholstery. In homes with conventional ceilings you can reach the walls and ceilings easily with this machine’s superior reach. It comes with lifetime filters, too, so you won’t have the ongoing hassle and expense of finding the right vacuum filters.


There is no height adjustment, but the good news is the suction is so good, you won’t miss it.

The exhaust is in the front about four inches off the floor. This is an issue with pet hair and dust bunnies on a hard surface floors; it tends to blow the hair around rather than suck it up. Some inventive users have fashioned a deflector of sorts to force the exhaust to blow upward instead.

Some people don’t like the small vacuum head on the Euro Pro Shark, as it takes longer to vacuum a large area. However, others love that and consider it a feature, because it makes it easy to guide the vacuuming head around furniture and get to small, hard-to-reach places. Judge for yourself whether a smaller vacuum head would be an advantage or disadvantage to you.

The cord does not auto-retract, so that would be a worthy improvement to the model. Just plan on spending an extra minute or two to wind up the electric cord when you’re finished cleaning.


The Euro Pro Shark vacuum is a good choice, especially for homes with pets. Its light weight and ease-of-use make it a good choice for anyone. It comes with a five-year warranty, so buyer’s remorse is eliminated. If the time is right for a new vacuum cleaner, do your research to find the right one for you. The Euro Pro Shark vacuum should definitely be on your list.

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