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Corpus Christi Houses - Real Estate in Texas - Corpus Christi Houses for Sale

homes popular coastal residents

Corpus Christi is located in the south of Texas, about 145 miles of San Antonio (southeast). It is a coastal community with beautiful beaches and many things to offer and the largest of Texas. It is a popular destination for vacationers and paradise for residents. Investors love it too, as it is a desirable location and one in which investors can grow their portfolio. Whether considering real estate in Texas and Corpus Christi Houses for sale for vacation, residential, or investment purposes, Corpus Christi will prove to be an excellent choice.

There is much to enjoy and do in this coastal community. Choosing one of the many Corpus Christi house available for sale will open doors to the many activities and attraction going on this great city. Some of the most popular attractions include the botanical gardens, which offer walking trails and many varieties of plants, including over twenty five hundred varieties of Orchids. The Birding Trail offers residents and visitors the opportunity to observe many species of beautiful birds from observation platforms. Corpus Christi Harbor Playhouse Community Theatre offers music, drama, and comedy performances to visitors. The Corpus Christi Bay is home to the U.S.S. Lexington, a WWII naval aircraft carrier, and today a museum with many exhibits and activities. The Municipal Marina is another attraction and a place where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Bay’s surrounding barrier Islands. Be pleasantly surprised to discover historic Victorian Corpus Christi houses in the Heritage Park and Cultural Center. There are about eleven historic homes to see and tour.

Corpus Christi also offers convenient accommodation in coastal hotels, motels, vacation rentals, as well as natural setting accommodations for the nature lover who prefers RV parks and campgrounds. There are many of these located near fishing and bird watching spots. Corpus Christi also offers a varied dining experience with many local flavors, Tex-mex cuisine, and seafood plates. Visitors and residents can enjoy the many festivals going on throughout the year, such as the popular Buccaneer Days, Corpus Christi Festival of the Arts, and many others. Shopping can be done downtown or at the Malls. There are many local shops and boutiques, but also two great malls – La Palmera and the Sunrise Mall. Transportation in the area is easy and the Corpus Christi International Airport is very accessible. Renting a car, using the public bus system, or affordable Greyhound buses make exploring this town -fun, easy, and affordable.

This city is vibrant and the median age of residents is in the mid 30s. This makes the real estate very varied and affordable. Corpus Christi houses, single-family homes, are prevalent for most part, but a great number of townhomes, multi-family homes, apartment complexes, duplexes, and condominiums are available as well. Because this is a diverse area, prices for homes vary. Residential Corpus Christi houses can be found four under $50,000 and luxury states for over $3 million, and anything in between, depending on the area and type of residence, as well as proximity to town, coastal attractions, and other features that determine Corpus Christi houses pricing. There is also an abundant source of new construction, as this city is popular to live in. Just as in another part of the country, a variety of homes can be found on foreclosure – an opportunity for many qualified buyers and investors to obtain a great piece of real estate in Corpus Christi. Great foreclosures can be found in the Bay area, which will prove to be a great investment over time, as the Bay area is one of the most desirable.

Corpus Christi real estate is a mix of historic homes, new construction, old and contemporary neighborhoods, a variety of styles, price ranges from very low to extravagant, and the low cost of living compared to other cities, makes it a great place to live, work, and play.

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