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Mallorca Spain Hotels - Top Hotels in Mallorca Spain

1. can furios hotel 2. puro

Since the mid 20th century, Mallorca, Spain has been a world renowned tourist destination, drawing crowds from all over the world to its lush beaches and posh resorts. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the small, volcanic island is governed by Spain and enjoys beautiful weather throughout the year, making it an ideal location for travelers who enjoy the beach. The island also has a vibrant nightlife and club scene, which will appeal to younger travelers, while older visitors to the island can enjoy its wealth of world class spas and golf courses. Most of the major luxury resorts on the island of Mallorca are situated along the coast or in Palma, the island’s main city, however, as the island contains over 25 five star hotels, some are located in remote areas. Below are some of the best Mallorca, Spain hotels that travelers to the island may wish to visit during their stays.

1. Can Furios Hotel

The Can Furios Hotel is located on the northwest corner of the island of Mallorca. Upon arrival at this boutique hotel, travelers will be impressed with the majestic, sixteenth century-style, Mediterranean villa that serves as the main house of the hotel. Framed by two tall Moorish style towers, the villa reflects the influence of Moorish occupied Spain that predominates the architecture of the island. Recently renovated, the Can Furios Hotel combines the best modern amenities and technological wonders with classical, Moorish furnishings and design styles to create a hotel that feels like part of the Old World with a modern twist. The resort contains four suites and three large hotel rooms that are luxuriously appointed with the finest linens and fabrics. The hotel also features a beautifully landscaped pool that is surrounded by lush gardens that invite guests to sunbathe in the pure mountain air. Sa Tafoneta is the hotel’s restaurant and regarded as one of the finest on the island. The restaurant features modern Spanish cuisine and features and extensive wine list. Throughout most of the year, guests are invited to dine on the terrace, which overlooks the property.

2. Puro

While Can Furios Hotel offers a more traditional slice of Mallorcan life, Puro Hotel is one of the most contemporary Mallorca, Spain hotels that exists. From the outside, Puro seems like any other historic hotel. Located in the old city of Palma, Puro is housed in an 18th century palace. Upon entering the front door, however, all reminders of that period of time are left behind as guests are treated to the island’s most modern and contemporary resort. Clean lines, unique furnishings, and outlandish light fixtures let guests know immediately that they have stepped from the Old World into the New. The guest rooms are luxuriously appointed, featuring contemporary art and state of the art electronics. One of the best things about Puro is the bathrooms, which are large and more like spas. Also, all rooms are equipped with wireless internet and access to the hotel’s digital library of movies and books. The hotel also features a private terrace on the rooftop that has gorgeous views of the island and downtown Palma. Downstairs, guests can visit Opio Bar and Restaurant, which features modern Spanish cuisine. After dining hours, the restaurant turns into one of the island’s most high profile bars and nightclubs.

3. Gran Hotel Son Net

The Gran Hotel Son Net is frequently named one of the best Mallorca, Spain hotels in existence. Set in a rustic, 17th century farmhouse, the hotel is located in the Sierra Tramuntana Mountains near the small town of Puigpunyent. Like many of the island’s luxury hotels, the Gran Hotel Son Net blends classic Moorish designs with modern accents and amenities. The hotel is also home to one of the world’s largest collection of modern art. The walls are lined with works by Warhol and Chagall, among others, which give the villa a modern edge. The 31 guest rooms and suites are beautifully designed and spacious. The bathrooms throughout the hotel are lined with marble and touches of gold. The hotel also features a stunning infinity pool that is flanked by the rolling hills and overlooks a beautifully landscaped garden. Small, private cabanas surround the pool, creating the ultimate location for sunbathing and relaxing.

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