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Knoxville Tn Hotel - Choosing The Right Knoxville TN Hotel

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Knoxville is known for offering the epitome of southern charm and dining. There are also many recreational sites and attractions to visit, which includes Sharp Ridge Memorial Park. In addition to that, Knoxville is home to the University of Tennessee. With one of the largest student bodies in the nation, families and friends are constantly visiting. Of course, since they are not allowed in the dorms, they will have to stay at a Knoxville hotel. This is only one of the many reasons someone might visit Knoxville, but whatever the reason might be, it’s important to choose the right Knoxville TN hotel. The hotels in Knoxville don’t just differ widely in price, but in quality as well. Unlike most American cities, the price and quality of hotels in Knoxville are based on location more than anything else.

One reason Knoxville has become such a popular city is because two interstates run right through it – I-75 and I-40. The former travels north and south and the latter travels east and west. Since most travelers come from the east and north, there are not many hotels to the south and west. The only decent hotel on the western side of town, and bordering I-40, is the Holiday Inn Hotel Knoxville Central & Papermill. The address is 1315 Kirby Road and the phone number is 865-584-3911. Despite only having a 3-star rating and outdated furniture and amenities, this will be your best option if traveling from the west on I-40. The prices at this hotel are moderate.

In the northern section of town are a slew of moderately priced hotels. All 4 of them have at least a 3-star rating, with one sporting a 4.5 rating, and all of these Knoxville TN hotels are right off I-75. The highest rated hotel in this area (4.5 stars) is the Hampton Inn I-75 North. The address is 5411 Pratt Road and the phone number is 865-689-1011. The rates here are slightly higher than the other three hotels in the area, but it’s worth paying the extra money if you can afford it. And these rates are far from outrageous. It’s possible to get a room for less than $100. Everything about this hotel is clean and the breakfast has received several high remarks. The next best option for a hotel in northern Knoxville is the Quality Inn Merchants Drive. The address is 117 Cedar Lane and the phone number is 865-342-3701. This hotel has received a 4-star rating. While this might not be as impressive as the Knoxville hotel listed above, you can get it for almost half the price. The most impressive feature about this hotel is the incredibly spacious rooms. There are two 3-star Knoxville hotels in this area, which are the Red Roof Inn – North Knoxville and the Super 8 Knoxville. The Red Roof Inn – North Knoxville is located at 5334 Central Avenue Pike and the phone number is 865-688-1010. The Super 8 Knoxville is located at 341 Merchant Drive NW and the phone number is 865-689-7666. The Red Roof Inn is cheap and convenient. Nothing at this hotel will shock you in regards to being impressed or disgusted. The Super 8 Knoxville has the potential to shock you in either direction – depending on your timing. The positives: friendly staff and convenience. The negatives: old amenities, rooms that are not always kept tidy, and uncomfortable beds. If you would like to stay farther north on I-75, next to Powell Airport, consider the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Knoxville I-75. The prices here are a little higher, but justifiable. The address is 7520 Conner Road, Powell, TN. The phone number is 865-938-3800.

The best Knoxville TN hotels can be found right in the center of town. The prices are considerably more expensive than all those listed above, but the difference in amenities, accommodations, and service are significant. The Hilton Knoxville is located at 501 West Church Avenue and the phone number is 865-523-2300. This hotel has received 4-star rating from travelers. It is also known for its great views. The Hampton Inn Knoxville – Downtown is located at 618 West Main Street and the phone number is 865-522-5400. The rooms here are spacious, comfortable, and clean. This hotel has also received a 4.5-star traveler rating. The Knoxville Marriot is located at 500 Hill Ave. SE and the phone number is 865-637-1234. This hotel has been rated at 3.5 stars by travelers and is not as popular as the two Knoxville hotels listed above. Since the prices are about the same, most travelers choose the better service and amenities.

Overall, the hotels in north Knoxville are affordable and great for the budget-conscious. The hotels in the center of Knoxville cost more but also offer a lot more. The only Knoxville hotels to avoid are the ones east of the city along I-40. These hotels might be cheap, but most of them are old, dirty, and offer poor service.

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