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Arlington Virginia Homes For Sale - Homes for sale in Arlington Virginia

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Arlington, Virginia, is an area that has exploded with growth. The Key Bridge area, once known for apartments, is now almost exclusively business and hotel real estate. And that’s just one reason for the high cost among arlington virginia homes for sale.
Arlington’s corridor of metro stops has slowly become a business real estate corridor which reaches up until the stations start running down the middle of I-66. So the Ballston and Courthouse stations, for instance, are increasingly difficult to live near unless a buyer can afford a high-end condo.
Of course, the largest financial impact on arlington virginia homes for sale is the city’s proximity to Washington, DC. This makes Arlington prime real estate for those who work in DC in either government, support, legal, military, tourism or political positions. The competition for arlington virginia homes for sale has been fierce for many years.
Arlington has a number of metro stops for those who want to work in or around the DC metro area. It is so close to the capital that many drivers still choose to brave the six-mile, sixty-minute driving commute into the city, often via George Washington Parkway.
When looking for a homes for sale in Arlington, Virginia, it is good to identify how a new home purchaser will commute to work. Once this is decided, choices can narrow. Some of the old neighborhoods are still the best with community schools, nearby hospitals and good shopping choices. More cosmopolitan are the many different restaurants along the Arlington corridor of Metro stops. These offer cuisines found all over the world or world class chefs with unique menus.
Streets like Wilson, Washington and George Mason all speak to the historical importance of Arlington’s past. Various Senators, Congressman, lobbyists and the like have homes in Arlington, but so do many average-income families and single men and women. It is an assortment of living styles with few newer choices and some unusual choices such as the wartime housing and apartments that sprung up almost over night during the build up to World War II.
Condominums and townhouses tend to be the newest constructions among homes for sale in Arlington, Virginia. However, many condos and townhomes are just as likely to be twenty, thirty, even forty years old. As stated, they might even be from the 1940s building boom.
Driving in Arlington can be a frustrating experience without a guide, a GPS or a real estate agent. It is a complex and ever-changing city with a blend of the cosmopolitan that still has a family-friendly connection. It is certain that home-buyer will never be bored with the area!

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