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Grinder Coffee Maker - Turn your home into a private coffee shop with a grinder coffee maker

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The purchase of a grinder coffee maker not only allows home brewers to savor the taste of coffee shop coffee in the privacy of their own home, it also allows them to save money. With coffee house prices ranging from $3.00 and up, a daily cup of coffee purchased from the local coffee shop can add up. Grinder coffee makers, also referred to as grind and brew machines, allow for the luxury of freshly ground coffee at a fraction of the coffee shop price.

The best tasting coffee is that which has been ground and then immediately brewed. Fresh beans which have been ground and then brewed within seconds of grinding, hold the bold flavor and essential oils that make a cup of coffee truly tasty. By using a coffee maker which both grinds and brews a cup of coffee, coffee consumers can ensure that they not only create just the amount that will be used immediately, but that the coffee is the freshest possible because the shell of the coffee bean keeps the bean fresh. Preground coffee also is lacking in the essential coffee oils that are released upon grinding. These oils are what gives coffee its depth and flavor.

In the past, coffee aficionados had to purchase both a grinder and a coffee maker. Now coffee makers which both grind and brew are available on the market. Making a gourmet cup of coffee is as simple as filling a reservoir with water, adding whole coffee beans to the grinder, and pushing the button to turn on the machine. The grinder grinds the beans and hot water is immediately pushed through the grounds.

Grinder coffee makers may come with different types of grinders. These include the blade grinder or burr grinder. Blade grinders are the most common type of grinder equipped on grinder coffee makers. These grinders work by chopping the beans into fine pieces. They are generally equipped on the lower cost models of grinder coffee makers. Burr grinders work by crushing the coffee beans between a moving burr and a flat stationary surface within the grinder coffee maker. Wheel burrs spin in a quick motion and can be noisy. Conical burrs, considered by some to be the best type of grinder, work by spinning slowly. They are considered the best type for oily coffee beans or flavored coffee beans. Grinder coffee machines which come with conical burr grinders are generally the more expensive models on the market.

There are other benefits to grinder coffee makers. Grinder coffee makers can save kitchen and counter space as they are two machines built into one. Also, as a result of the water immediately dripping through the grounds, no flavor is lost between the grinding of the beans and the brewing of the coffee. A grinder coffee maker can also cut down on the mess of making coffee. Because the grind and brew machine does everything there is no spilt coffee on the counter. The paper filters are also a thing of the past as grinder coffee makers come with their own filter preinstalled. The majority of grinder coffee makers have the gold filters which are known for enhancing the flavor of coffee. Again, this has to do with the essential coffee oils being brewed and not lost or caught in the paper fibers of traditional paper coffee filters.

Many grinder coffee makers come with a LCD programmable clock. This ensures that coffee lovers can set their coffee maker to begin brewing coffee prior to waking and getting out of bed. The programmable feature enables everyone to wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee each morning.

Grinder coffee makers are usually simple to clean. Most directions simply call for the pouring of vinegar and water into the water reservoir and pushing the self cleaning or brew button. This vinegar and water solution not only cleans the coffee carafe, but also cleans the grinder portion of the coffee maker along with the inner workings of the grinder coffee maker.

By investing in a grinder coffee maker, true coffee lovers can experience the taste of premium coffee house coffee in their own home for a fraction of the coffee house price.

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