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Longview Tx Homes - How to Decide Where to Look for Longview, TX Homes

city neighborhood school information

There are different aspects a person may wish to consider when researching Longview, TX homes. There are many places to find the information that will help the person in their search. Looking for Longview, TX homes can be a daunting task. Each searcher has different needs and wants from a neighborhood. Prior to buying or renting a new home, take a practical approach to the home search. The 2009 population for the Longview city limits was 78,036.

If there are school age children involved, the school system is one place to start searching. Longview has thirty two public schools. The school system districts are drawn up with the four high schools defining each district. The districts include Longview, Pine Tree, and Springhill as the high schools that define the districts. Pine Tree and Springhill met the TEA 2010 standards, but Longview did not. The area also has two charter school, and several private schools.

There are some families or individuals that like to live close to entertainment venues. There are approximately thirty parks in the city parks and recreation department. Amenities vary from simple play areas to full service sports complexes. McWhorter Park is the largest and boasts a pavilion, baseball and softball fields, practice areas, three playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts and restrooms. There are numerous restaurants, movie theaters, and other venues scattered throughout the city. The city also supports the arts with the Art’s View Children’s Theater, East Texas Symphonic Band, Longview Ballet Theatre, the Longview Museum of Fine Arts and the Opera East Texas.

Many neighborhoods also keep online chats, blogs, and websites. It is a way for people in the neighborhood to communicate with each other. They often post neighborhood parties and gatherings. Reading this information can provide an insight into how active the neighborhood is. There can also be information about things such as neighborhood watch groups and if HOA groups are active. The mean resident age in the city is thirty two years old, and there are slightly more females than males. The city estimates the median household income as $43,966 in 2008. The town is inhabited by over sixty percent white residents.

Although it is difficult to determine what the neighbors are like, there are some resources to at least identify potentially dangerous neighbors. Each state maintains a sex offender registry. The registry has names and addresses of those criminals required to register as sex offenders. Check out the list to determine if there are any offenders near the neighborhood that the family is searching in. The local sheriff and police departments can also share information, but they rarely have specifics such as the registry site will provide. As of April 2010 there were 156 registered sex offenders living in the city limits.

Real estate prices have dropped considerably, as they have elsewhere in the US. According to Trulia real estate search, as of October 2010 the average listing price is $220,840. The average sales price is $72,216. The higher end properties do not sale as quickly as more moderately priced housing. The average price per square foot is $54. There are 526 homes for sale and only 13 sold in the past month. The most popular zip codes for home sales for the week ending 10/6/10 were 75605, 75604, 75662, 75601 and 75602. The southeast side of town had the highest list prices at $278K and higher, while the north side of town yielded the highest actual sales prices of $125K and up.

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