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Clear Lake Hotels - Highlighted Options for Clear Lake Hotels

kemah inn night gardens

Vacations don’t get much more perfect than Clear Lake, Texas. Clear Lake offers fantastic opportunities for sailing, water skiing, hiking, fishing, and camping. Clear Lake is also home to the Houston Space Center and Kemah Boardwalk, which features a carousel, ferris and balloon wheels, an aviator, and more. But, a vacation wouldn’t be complete without exquisite accommodations. Where hotels are concerned, Clear Lake doesn’t disappoint, and offers a wide variety of options. The directory below includes the highlights for Clear Lake hotels:

Kemah Gardens- The Kemah Gardens in Clear Lake offer suites for those who are in the area for romantic purposes. Whether the couple has just gotten engaged, married, or is in the area for an anniversary, the Kemah Gardens is a perfect choice. Couples can book a suite at the Kemah Gardens from $99 per night and up. The Gardens require a two night stay minimum. Bridal and wedding packages are also available.

Passport Inn & Suites- The Passport Inn offers a lot of bonuses in their very affordable prices. With an average night’s stay of $99 per night for two guests, travelers get the benefits of an excellent location, free WiFi, and a complimentary continental breakfast. The Passport Inn is located at the entrance of the Kemah Boardwalk and across the street from the Marina. The guest rooms also feature a microwave and refrigerator.

Kemah Escape- The Kemah Escape is one of the finest options where Clear Lake hotels are concerned. Located three blocks from the Boardwalk, it boasts a fantastic location. However, location is not even close to being its finest feature. The Kemah Escape is a boutique hotel featuring furnished theme rooms. Each room is complete with a full kitchen, bedroom, and private hot tub. Complimentary internet is included in the price of the room which starts at $99 per night and goes up from there. Clear Lake’s Kemah Escape is more than just an accommodation, it’s an experience.

Days Inn- The Days Inn of Clear Lake is located near the Johnson Space Center and Baybrook Mall. The guest rooms include a microwave and complimentary newspapers and breakfast. The staff is multilingual and the hotel’s front desk is open 24 hours. The price is right starting as low as $60 per night. The Days Inn is one of the most affordable Clear Lake hotels.

Seaside Inn Bed and Breakfast- The Seaside Inn is one of Clear Lake’s most unique hotels. It is a three story house featuring a large living room, party-sized second floor balcony, and a 200 foot pier. The private bedrooms have their own bathroom, king-sized bed, cable TV and DVD, and private balcony. Some rooms also feature a double jacuzzi with waterfall for a higher price. Prices start as low as $95 per night during the week, and have a low of $150 on the weekends.

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