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Southern Living House Plans - Southern Living House Plans Defy Mediocrity

front style include homes

The style of Southern living is an artful combination of comfort and sophistication. Southern living house plans harmonize these qualities in a suitable way for any location. They are popular because they include country-style houses as well as contemporary elegance each with the requisite sophistication and comfort. The architect, interior designer and landscape architect join together to create the harmony known as Southern living.

Southern living house plans include neatly trimmed traditional homes in Colonial, Neoclassical and Greek revival. Federal, Victorian and Georgian styles are also seen in different areas of the South. All of these styles have an atmosphere of historical significance. Coastal cottages are another feature of Southern living. They can be a small vacation beach cottage or a luxury home that is multi-storied executive mansions.

These houses often include a large formal space, convenient seasonal room such as a sun room that catches the sunlight in the winter, a screened porch as well as useful utility rooms including laundry rooms, offices and mudrooms. There are house plans for vacation cottages and small homes that are also elegant.

High ceilings and covered porches are traditional features of Southern living house plans. In urban areas two or three storey designs are popular and the sprawling ranch style house is more popular in the rural areas. The style of the front of the house is usually warm and inviting with many high windows with open shutters and a large covered front porch. To achieve this inviting look Southern home plans have a façade of wood, brick, stucco or stone that is either up to the windows in the front of the house or covers the whole front.

Southern living house plans aim for easy entertaining. The great room has sets of French doors that lead to the dining room, garden, kitchen and master bedroom. The great room will also usually have a fireplace and interior decorative columns and the kitchen will have a large walk in pantry. Another feature often found in Southern homes is a bonus room above the garage that can be used as a family room, office or rented to a student.

House plans do not include the material quantity list that is needed for home construction. It is always better to get materials locally so that any lumber or stone blends with the natural environment. Also, buying materials locally will be less expensive.

Many traditional Southern living homes are made of stacked stone. It gives an old-world quality with dormer, symmetrical windows. It is a casual house that looks like an old family estate. The Southern Plantation style has grand entrances and staircases with opulent features. It has a large front porch with a balcony above it.

Southern living house plans blend the traditional, historic and modern with comfort and elegance at the forefront.

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