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Broan Range Hoods - Broan Range Hoods For Your Kitchen

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Broan is an American manufacturer of range hoods and other ventilation systems for your home. They offer unparalleled usability and features, and all components are made according to rigorous quality control standards. They make both ducted and non-ducted range hoods for the kitchen, reducing airborne contaminants from your cooking, and eliminating the harmful smoke from frying meats like salmon and steak. Range hoods have been a part of the American kitchen since the 1930s, when a man named Henry Broan developed a kitchen fan designed to ventilate cooking smells and smoke, and American kitchens have been changed ever since. That man’s discovery led to the formation of the company that is now Broan-NuTone LLC, the best manufacturer of range hoods for your kitchen, as well as bathroom ventilation systems, indoor air quality control systems, and more. Products from Broan-NuTone LLC are reliable and trustworthy, with millions of units sold over the last five decades. Their full line of range hoods makes it easy to cook all your favorite dishes without grease smells and smoke filling up your lungs and hurting the quality of life for you and your family members. Irritants and harmful contaminants are removed from the air and excess smoke is eliminated, making your kitchen a pleasant place to be and to work.

Broan’s 413004 Economy 30-Inch Two-Speed Non-Ducted Range Hood is made from durable stainless steel, featuring a reliable charcoal filter, a 75-watt light bulb socket for good lighting, a rocker-type two-speed fan, and no-hassle installation. Its charcoal filter eliminates undesirable byproducts from the air as you cook, and the stainless steel grille is easy to clean. This item costs between $100 and $150, lightweight and economical. The Broan F403004 30-Inch Two-Speed 4-Way Convertible Stainless Steel Range Hood has many of the features described above, but can be installed as ducted or non-ducted. It has a removable filter which is safe to go in the dishwasher, and the frame and grille have a stylish contemporary look. The range hood can be converted to a non-ducted filter by removing the included convert plate from the front of the hood and installing an optional non-ducted filter. The two-speed fan with polymeric blades is durable and consistent in its operation. One more thing that might make this model desirable is the fact that it installs easily and usually costs less than $130 to buy. A step up from this particular model is the Broan QT230SS 30-Inch Convertible Range Hood with stainless steel grille and frame. It boasts many of the features of the F403004, but also has a thermally protected plug-in motor, a nightlight, three ducting options and an electronically-balanced fan blade for quiet operation. It has sockets for two 4-watt light bulbs for great overhead lighting when cooking on your stove, a removable lens for milder light with better dispersal, a washable aluminum grease filter, and a baked enamel finish.

Broan’s many options for the kitchen are not limited by conventional standards such as those employed by the competition, including parts made on the cheap, increasing volume to accommodate cost but reducing quality. Broan’s items last for years, are intended to work with little maintenance, and have a steady, reliable built-in motor. American-made range hoods, bathroom ventilation systems, and air circulation products are what Broan-NuTone LLC is known for. They are innovators in fresh air products as well, with many thousands of units sold. With many advances in stovetops and kitchen countertops, and many appliances to make cooking an easier and more pleasant experience, Broan-NuTone LLC has kept up with this technological pace by offering the best quality range hoods at affordable prices, with a wide distribution in North America. The decades of expertise and manufacturing know-how of this company make it a reliable leader in innovative products for your kitchen, bathroom, and all other rooms in the house requiring these great air control products. As the demand for great products for the home continues to grow, it is expected that products carrying the Broan label will continue to sell above and beyond expectations, allowing them to continue to deliver amazing value at a price that you and your whole family will love. Range hoods from Broan are the best you can get in terms of quality and functionality.

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