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Red Coffee Makers - 5 Red Coffee Makers to Complete Your Kitchen Decor

espresso brew cups machine

Coffee makers tend to come in a limited range of common colors like black, white, and stainless steel. While good for everyday use, these may not fit the décor of a brighter or more eclectic kitchen. Red coffee makers can help complete the look of your kitchen and make a bold statement at the same time.

Bodum Red French Press
These red French press coffee makers offer coffee lovers a twofold benefit. In addition to being compact and stylish, French presses are rumored to make some of the best coffee possible. French press works by combining coffee and hot water in a heat-resistant carafe. The grounds are then separated by use of a filter attached to a plunger fitted into the lid. The press and filtration system are designed for minimum sediment in the finished brew, and results are quick enough for even impatient coffee lovers.

Keurig Single-Serve Red Coffee Makers
Stylish coffee aficionados on the go can jazz up their kitchens with fashionable red one-cup coffee makers. The Keurig model is compact and uses Keurig K-Cups to brew exactly eight ounces of coffee. Different varieties and flavors of K-Cups are available to cater to different tastes. These machines operate at the touch of a button and brew coffee in under three minutes. Take note that the red style of these coffee makers may not be available from all retailers.

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
Even the most basic coffee makers come in red. Mr. Coffee is a well-known brand of coffee machines that can be found at many major retailers. This standard drip pot makes up to twelve cups of coffee and can be programmed to brew automatically so that your coffee is ready even if you aren’t. Coffee in the carafe is kept warm as long as the machine is left on, and an automatic shutoff feature makes it impossible to accidentally leave the pot running all day.

Nespresso CitiZ Single-Serve Espresso Maker
This espresso machine is sleek and elegant in any color, but red really makes it pop. Good espresso coffee makers are hard to come by, but this compact model is perfect for getting that extra jolt without having to hit the coffee house on the way to work. Optimized for coffee pods, the Nespresso makes four ounces of espresso at a time; the equivalent of two shots with a layer of froth on top. It’s perfect for when you want a quick cup of unadorned espresso.

Gaggia Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine
When you prefer to whip up coffee-house-style espresso drinks at home, look no further than Gaggia Espresso Color. The red style of these coffee makers is streamlined and attractive, making a good addition to any kitchen. Capable of brewing two cups of espresso at once and adaptable for both pods and ground coffee, the Gaggia is versatile enough for coffee lovers of all tastes. A built-in steamer arm lets you steam or froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos at home. Take note that reviewers state it’s essential to read and follow the instructions for this machine before use to avoid frustration.

No matter what your taste in coffee, there are red coffee makers that fit your personal style. From standard drip to fancy espresso drinks, there’s no shortage of what you can brew up at home.

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