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Discount Hotel Austin - Discount Hotels in Austin Offer Great Lodgings at Great Rates

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It’s no secret that Austin, Texas is a popular destination for families, couples, and singles alike. With a hot music scene, plenty of great barbecue, and historical significance to boot, this city has something to offer every visitor. Tourists typically require a week, at minimum, to truly appreciate this cosmopolitan city and most visitors find they could benefit from an even more extended stay.

To get the most out of any visit to the Texas state capital, it’s a great idea to locate a discount hotel in Austin. Doing so is actually quite easy. Austin is used to hosting a phenomenal amount of travelers, whether they are in town for business or pleasure. For those willing to do a little homework, finding a discount hotel in Austin that has just the right combination of price, location and amenities is a snap.

The first thing to do is to contact the city’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. This single source can offer comprehensive information on any discount hotel in Austin. Not only is the bureau able to offer guidance and advice over the phone and online, but they can also mail brochures that provide more detailed information on a wealth of local hotel properties. Occasionally, the bureau will also be able to point visitors in the direction of a particular hotel that is offering a great deal that can save travelers some serious money.

Also consider contacting a travel agent about a discount hotel in Austin that they can recommend. The benefits of working with a travel agent are many. These professionals are well informed about different accommodations through their own experiences and the experiences of their clients. Travel agents can typically offer an unbiased opinion as to the relative merits of any lodging and should have enough knowledge to locate a hotel that satisfies the demands of both budget and taste.

Visitors with a do it yourself attitude should be able to prowl the Internet to find great deals on a discount hotel in Austin. It is a good idea to explore generic travel sites, but take the time to visit the websites of individual hotels as well. General travel websites may not have the latest information on specials that can be found on a property’s website. Also, consider using a loyalty club program to book a discount hotel in Austin. Loyalty clubs may be able to provide discounted or even free stays for one or more nights.

Travelers in the know realize that the best discount hotel in Austin is probably the Austin Motel. The building may have been constructed in the 1950’s, but the décor in this SoCo property is hip, modern, and quirkily retro. Each room is colorful and unique, offering enough variety to suit any taste. Rooms range from small bedrooms with one bed up to multi-room suites to accommodate families. Travelers on a budget probably cannot do better than to put up at this property that is a nice mix of substance and style.

Howard Johnson properties have enjoyed a solid reputation throughout the United States for several decades now and their offerings in Austin are no exception. Quiet, clean, comfortable accommodations await budget-conscious visitors who do not require a lot of frills with their hotel rooms. These lodgings are thoroughly functional and will serve most tourists quite well. Several Howard Johnson locations are scattered throughout the city.

Several extended stay options are also good bets for those seeking a discount hotel in Austin. In addition to featuring an attractive nightly rate, these properties also give guests the opportunity to prepare their own meals in a kitchenette or even a full kitchen. Brand names like Crossland and Homestead make visitors feel right at home with spacious rooms that offer additional amenities like suites and outdoor pools.

Anyone willing to do a little research can find an excellent bargain among the discount hotels in Austin. Whether traveling alone for business or with the whole family on vacation, guests can find a property that offers accommodations that are easy on the wallet and yet satisfy the needs of the most discriminating visitors.

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