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Palm Springs Houses - All About Palm Springs Houses

rentals buying palm springs houses

Over 18 million people make Florida their home. The mild weather, ocean access and stable economy bring much of the appeal. Jobs are readily available due to the rich agricultural and tourism base, as well as thriving industries such as space, technology and international trade. In addition to the regular residents, more than 76 million visitors stay in the area every year. Palm Springs, located along the south-east coastline, draws a significant crowd of its own. despite its small size. Each of these residents and visitors needs a place to lay their head, and there are plenty of Palm Springs houses to choose from.


While many visitors automatically turn to one of the hotels in the area for accommodations, Palm Springs houses for rent are a better option for many. Instead of dealing with strict schedules and close neighbors, renting Palm Springs houses gives visitors the experience of private quarters during their stay. The Palm Springs houses for rent in the area vary a great deal, both in amenities and pricing. Most homes, however, are fully furnished and stocked with appliances and kitchen ware. It is extremely common to have private fenced grounds and many Palm Springs houses for rent have a private pool on the property.

The price you can expect to pay will largely depend on the size of the home and property. For example, a small 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a pool and spa can be rented for approximately $300 per night; discounts are given for reserving most properties for an entire week and month. Most homes come with recommendations for how many guests the property can accommodate. A basic home of this size, for example, may be ideal for around 7 people. Larger home go up in price from that range, with a 5 bedroom, 4 bath home with more extensive grounds demanding about $700 per night.

Many people who look at Palm Springs houses for rent split the cost between several parties. This brings the cost-per-night down to a much more reasonable level, providing luxury amenities for a bargain price. Renting a furnished home is ideal for retreats, reunions and other groups. Some property managers may closely monitor how many guests are allowed in each home, while others may make suggestions but no firm stipulations. In other situations, you may be required to pay extra for each additional guest in the rental property.

Buying Palm Springs Houses

For those that are long-term residents of the area, buying a home is a great idea, especially when the market is favorable. While most new Florida residents tend to think of the area as extremely expensive, there are actually many affordable Palm Springs houses. A single residence Palm Springs starter home, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, can be found for around $100,000. This, of course, if more likely during economic conditions that create a buyers market. Homes in this price range generally feature small lots and basic construction, materials and amenities. Upgrading the same size house, on an almost identical lot, to a nicer interior, can up the price to around $200,000. Palm Springs houses over about $200,000 start to feature things like pools and more extensive landscaping.

Most of the Palm Springs houses for sale are single resident homes on private lots, with about half of all homes sold falling into this category. Palm Springs buyers, however, can also choose from apartments, condominiums and townhouses. Each have their pros and cons and the right choice will depend on your particular lifestyle. Many people find that single family houses are ideal for those with younger children, as they provide more freedom and privacy.

Palm Springs is a beautiful area. Not only do Palm Springs houses have ready access to the beaches of the area, but many of the homes for sale feature breathtaking mountain views. Residents who live in the area report that it has a nice small-town flavor, despite being a thriving village with easy access to shopping, airports and cultural experiences. Owners of Palm Springs houses will benefit from the close vicinity to quality public schools. Palm Springs has two public elementary schools, one public middle school and a private Catholic school.

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You dumb-a.s.s. Palm Springs is NOT in Florida...it's in Southern California. Your article is about Palm Beach. What a dunce.