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Art Supplies Wholesale - How to Purchase Art Supplies Wholesale

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Many artists and art teachers find themselves spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year on art supplies. High quality art supplies can be very expensive when purchased at full price. This leaves many artists stuck using lower quality supplies or forces them to ignore their hobby completely. Fortunately, it is possible to purchase art supplies at wholesale prices when following a few simple tips.

The easiest way to purchase art supplies at wholesale prices is by purchasing them in bulk. Many art supply stores will offer special discounts to those that are willing to make bulk orders. Therefore, instead of purchasing supplies as they are needed, it is best to predetermine the amount of supplies will be needed in the next few months and purchasing them all at once. This is especially helpful when purchasing supplies that do not expire, like canvas, paper, pencils, paint brushes, and metal components. Paint, ink, and clay can also be purchased in bulk as long as it will be sealed and stored properly, as these supplies can expire if kept incorrectly.

Another effective way to obtain art supplies at wholesale prices is to purchase them online. There are a large number of online stores that offer art supplies at discounted prices. While some of these stores will offer a variety of supplies, many stores specialize in a specific art. Art teachers will want to find a discount retailer that offers a wider range of supplies, while individual artists will want to search for a retailer that caters to a specific specialty. The benefit of shopping at a more specific retailer is that they will generally offer lower prices than those that offer a range of supplies.

An additional benefit of shopping online for discount art supplies is that customers have the luxury of comparing prices at a number of different retailers without ever leaving their home. This means that customers can remain aware of sales and promotions, which ensures that they will have the opportunity to take advantage of the lowest prices. Additionally, many retailers that offer discount art supplies prices will send their customers regular newsletters, in order to keep them updated on current promotions and deals.

If an artist sells their work and runs their own business, he or she may want to purchase art supplies from wholesale retailers. While anyone can purchase discount art supplies, only business owners can purchase supplies from real wholesalers. To become eligible to purchase art supplies wholesale, an artist must apply for a state sales tax ID number. Wholesale retailers will ask customers for this number before they are allowed to make a purchase.

The benefit of purchasing art supplies from a wholesaler is that these supplies will usually be priced even lower than those at discount retailers. However, wholesale supplies will usually have to be purchased in bulk. This can be a problem for some artists, as they may not need certain supplies in large quantities. Therefore, in order to get the best prices and the correct quantity of supplies, artists may want to purchase some art supplies wholesale, while purchasing others from discount retailers. Fortunately, when shopping for supplies in a budget savvy way, artists can obtain their supplies at great prices, while increasing their profit margins.

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