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Mutual Fund Jobs - How to Obtain Mutual Fund Jobs

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For many people with a mind for analytics and an interest in the investment world, getting a job with a mutual fund could be a great experience and provide much room for growth. Unfortunately, the poor economy has forced many different mutual funds and investment firms to cut back drastically on their level of hiring. While getting a mutual fund job is more difficult than it was in years past, there are still various ways to improve your chances of obtaining one of these jobs.

The first way to get a mutual fund job is to get the right form of education. While receiving a degree in finance or economics is not necessarily a requirement for mutual fund jobs, it is a highly respected degree for employers in that industry. Prior to selecting a school that offers a finance or economics program, it is important to read surveys on how many of their students eventually take positions in the mutual fund industry. Those schools that have plenty of alumni in the mutual fund industry will most likely provide you with the best future networking opportunities. Following receipt of a bachelor’s degree, furthering your education with an MBA or Executive MBA will further improve your chances of obtaining a mutual fund job.

The second way to improve your chances of getting a mutual fund job is to network. Like many different professions, the mutual fund industry holds many different recruiting and networking functions that could provide an individual with the opportunity to meet prospective employers. Beyond that, many universities hold recruiting events where mutual fund employers will come to the school to meet with and interview prospective candidates. Furthermore, you should reach out and contact other people in the mutual fund industry and other similar industries to find out which companies are hiring, particularly people with your level of experience.

The third way to improve your chances of getting a mutual fund job is to accept an entry level position. While most people starting with a mutual fund company would prefer to be a fund manager, gaining the valuable experience in an entry level position is a very important part of your eventual success for the company. Because of the importance of gaining entry level experience, many mutual funds have rotational programs in which new hires can experience a wide variety of entry level positions. Following a couple years of rotations, most new hires will be placed in an area of the company where there skill set will best fits the needs of the company.

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