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Coffee Maker 4 Cup - How to Choose a 4 Cup Coffee Maker

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Before one can choose a good 4-cup coffee maker, one must be sure that four cups is enough. Most common household coffee mugs hold 12 ounces of fluid, so four cups works out to about three mugs. This would not be enough coffee for a family of three or even perhaps a single person who loves to sip all day. A couple who like to share a cup before leaving for work, or a bachelor who needs to down a mug before racing for the bus may find a 4-cup coffee maker fits the bill perfectly. Even the recreational vehicle camper may find the small size more convenient for a camper kitchen than a larger and more standard 12-cup coffee maker. Finally, the frugal may find it a treat to enjoy an aromatic awakening without needing to buy expensive three-pound cans of ground coffee.

Once it is safe to say one does not need a larger coffee pot, it is time to investigate features that distinguish one model from another. Often people will say the best choice is the pot that provides the best flavor, but that is difficult to determine inside the box. Instead, consider the type of filter. Paper filters come in bleached or recycled paper, or one may choose a reusable mesh filter. Those in favor of recycling may find bleached filters last on their list of preferences.

The carafe can be an important feature to research. All 4-cup carafes are not made alike. Some break easily and others have pour spouts that leak. Since this is also an issue that is hard to test while the coffee maker is still in the box, one should read reviews of the various brands or ask friends for a recommendation. Nothing is as disheartening in the early morning as a chipped carafe or spilling coffee on its way to the mug.

Ease of cleaning will be important to the coffee drinker with a touchy stomach. A coffee maker with a removable basket is easier to keep clean. The more often one can wash the basket the less often one’s coffee is made more bitter by the build up of coffee oils. Additionally, a removable and washable reservoir keeps the water running through the filter fresh and free of impurities or mineral deposits that can also slow down the brewing speed over time.

If one is a late riser, or prefers not to make coffee before drinking a cup, consider purchasing a 4-cup coffee maker that has a built-in timer. This feature allows those who have forethought to prepare their pot the night before and awaken to the aroma of fresh brewed coffee. Another advantage of the timer is the auto-off. No one need worry about left over coffee burning.

Some 4 -cup coffee makers allow the user to pause brewing and pour a cup. This is an advantage to one who prefers that cup while preparing for the day. Just press a button and pour out, replace the carafe and restart the brewing process. In this way one can enjoy a mug early and savor another on the way out the door.

Perhaps one has a more sophisticated taste. Grinding one’s own beans may not be enough to improve the flavor of the brew. In that case, consider a 4-cup espresso machine. Not only will it have the capacity to brew espresso, it may also have a milk frother to help make perfect cappuccinos.

The final factor must be cost. 4-cup coffee makers run from ten dollars to over a hundred and fifty dollars. For the dorm room student, a low end coffee maker that lacks any feature but a timer may suffice. Mid-range executives may prefer a few more features like pause and brew, while the well-to-do may revel in the more expensive espresso machines.

A 4-cup coffee maker can be the right appliance for a couple of casual coffee drinkers or a passionate single pressed for time. Considering a few of the features unique to different brands can help anyone determine which brand is right for them.

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