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Whole House Water System - Whole House Water Systems Greatly Improve the Quality of Life

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A whole house water system will connect to the main local water supply before the water enters the house. This is a point-of-entry water system. It will filter the water on two levels—one for large particles and another one for small particles including chemicals such as chlorine and viruses. Contaminants in water can cause illness and allergies as well as damage appliances and fixtures in the house. A whole house water system ensures that every faucet for the shower, bath, toilet, laundry and kitchen has clean, potable water.

Residential water supplies may contain cysts, iron, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), hydrogen sulfide (the source of the rotten egg odor), some heavy metals and other contaminants that cause bad odor and taste. Private well water also may contain iron and the sulfur odor as well as arsenic, excessive minerals that cause hard water, acidic or pH issues, high manganese levels which cause dark stains. A whole house water system will ensure high quality water for cooking, drinking, bathing as well as for indoor plants. It will give dishwashers, washing machines and coffee makers longer life with less corrosion.

Before purchasing a water system for the whole house, the kind of contaminants in the water should be determined. This will indicate what kind of filters is needed. Municipal water utilities will provide a water analysis on request. Private well water needs to be sent to a water testing laboratory. There are home water tests available, but the most reliable results will come from a certified laboratory.

Municipalities are required by law to test their water regularly and publish the results. These results can be seen on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website. There may be local reasons why a specific house or neighborhood’s water is contaminated such as a broken sewer pipe or heavy pesticide use in the area. If this is suspected, it is good to test the water from individual houses.

Sediment is visible particles in the water such as sand, dust and rust which are removed with a strainer. If the water is very dirty, several stages of filtration are recommended. Each stage is finer and reusable filters are available for this. Chlorine, which is the most common chemical found in water, can be removed though carbon filtration as well as many other chemicals that are not so common.

Some things to look for in a water system for the whole house are filter size, port size, flow rate and filter life. The port size and filter size are connected. A larger filter can deliver more water at a higher pressure, but the port size has the most impact on gallons per minute (GPM) and pressure. The best port size is 1 inch with a 4.5 inch x 20 inch filter. It can be easily attached to a ¾ inch house pipe and will allow enough water into the house without any drop in pressure. The flow rate is how much water is available to the whole house. Appliances and toilets have demand ratings so the amount can be calculated. The usual amount is 2.5 to 5 gpm for showerheads, 5 gpm for toilets and 3 gpm for dishwashers. An average house has a need of 15 to 40 gpm, and anything less than 10 gms will not give good water pressure when many outlets are being used at the same time.

There are combinations of filters and conditioners for the whole house that come in one unit. Water softeners can be added to remove minerals that cause hardness. Softer water will not bond with metal or glass causing spots or form a scaly build-up. Some conditioners remove calcium and fluoride from the water and some do not. Some systems give water that feels slippery, and some give water that feels like natural spring water.

A whole house water system can deliver healthy water for every use. Chlorine may be good for killing bacteria, but it is not good to breathe chloroform gas when showering or flushing the toilet. The chlorine can be removed before the water enters the house. Appliances will last longer and need fewer repairs if they don’t have to deal with excessive sediment in the water. The general quality of life will be raised with bottled quality water at every outlet in the house.

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