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Cheap Holidays Italy - Planning Cheap or Inexpensive Hoildays in Italy

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Italian Holidays Can Be Affordable and Even Cheap

Just the thought of traveling to Italy can be stressful in terms of what cities to visit and what to see once you get there. Italy as we all know is the land of culinary delights and incredible wines. City after city is filled with museums and World Heritage sites as well as an endless supply of ancient ruins.

Visiting such a treasure chest of cultural delights may seem overwhelming to the average traveler who is looking for an affordable and even cheap holiday, but when a little research is done before hand holidays in Italy can be cheap adventures. Italy prides itself on style, grace, and luxury, but in reality most of the country is filled with simple people who are happy and know how to enjoy life without spending much money. Some of the Italian luxuries are within reach when planning, research, and common sense are used to organize holidays in Italy.

Pick the Right Time to Visit Italy

Italy is a popular holiday destination so the months of May, June, September, and October are when most people visit which means prices increase during those months. Plan a trip in the off season. Airline fares are cheaper in the winter as well as in late August and so are hotel rooms.

Most of Italy goes on holiday the last two weeks in August, but not all Italians close up shop and go to the beach. There are shops and restaurants that stay open and offer special deals to stimulate business. Hotel rates in some cities drop during the winter as well as in August while other cities increase rates due to their location and attractions. Pick a city that offers reduced rates based on the time of the year.

Use the Internet and Identify Cities in the Same Area

Most travel gurus say that the cheapest way to visit Italy is to focus on one or two cities in the same general area. A trip to Florence can also include a stop in Siena or the countryside that surrounds those two cities. If visiting Milan as well as Rome is a priority then purchase a Eurailpass saver ticket or One-country train pass. Avoid using taxis whenever possible. Invest in a comfortable pair of walking shoes and enjoy the sights and the city by foot. That’s what the Italians do.

Pick Rooms That Share a Bath if You Want a Real Hotel Bargain

The Hotel choices in most Italian cities can be confusing as well as expensive. If you decide to travel during the off-season book a room with a shared bathroom. Chances are you’ll be the only one using it. Some hotels have community bathrooms so asked how many people share the bath before committing. There are small hotels that are owned and operated by family members and they offer room rates including a bath for cheap prices. Spend time researching all the hotel options in every city before making a decision. Ask for a discount once you arrive and stay away from room minibars and room service. Buy room snacks and drinks at the local store.

Know How to Eat Like an Italian

Eating is an art in Italy and the Italians are masters when it comes to enjoying an inexpensive meal. There are all sorts of small family owned restaurants in Italy that offer quality meals for almost nothing. Some restaurants offer cheaper prices if you sit at the bar instead of a table. Even though it may be considered bad manners not to eat four or five courses in some restaurants, just pick one or two items from the menu. A pasta dish without the first course is acceptable and there’s usually enough food for two or three people.

Enjoy the Free Sights and Attractions

Just walking down the street can be a cultural experience in most cities. The building architecture and the layout and design of the small streets makes a stroll through the city an almost museum-like experience. There’s usually a free concert or a festival every month in some cities and discount coupons for museums and other attractions are usually available at most hotels.

A cheap holiday in Italy also depends on the Euro’s value. Buy Euros before your departure date using a reputable currency trader that doesn’t inflate the fast moving exchange rates.

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