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Windows For House - Choosing Replacement Windows for Your House

energy factor filled argon

Energy costs are rising and this is of great concern to many Americans. If you are worried about how you are going to keep your family warm this winter or cool during the summer months, you are not alone. One thing that you can do to combat the price of energy is to purchase replacement windows for your house. In order to get the most benefit though from this purchase, you must know what to look for and how to go about selecting windows that are appropriate for your house. This is a significant investment so it is one you cannot afford to make mistakes. This would just be too costly.

The insulating value of your new windows is the most important factor that needs to be considered. The U-factor is what you will need to look for here as it measures thermal conductivity. Lower numbers mean better insulation. A single glass pane window may have a U-factor of 1.30. By opting to go with an air filled double glass pane and this will drop to .81. Choosing a low-e window which is argon filled will bring the U-factor down to .64. This makes a major difference in how much you will pay in energy bills each month so be sure to choose replacement windows for your house with the lowest U-factor you can afford.

Argon-filled windows are the preferred choice as they have a lower thermal transfer. This means that they will insulate better. Krypton does insulate better than argon, but it is too expensive for most applications so it is not commonly used for window applications. The low-e referred to in window descriptions stands for low-emittance coatings. This is a microscopic metal oxide layer which is found on the surface of the glass. When selecting your new windows, you should opt to go with the low-e, argon filled ones as the combination will give you the energy savings you are striving for.

Another number that should be considered when choosing replacement windows for your home is the solar heat gain coefficient. This is represented by a number between zero and one. The coefficient measures the fraction of solar radiation which the window will let enter your home. Here, as with the U-factor, a lower value means that the window is more energy efficient. If you cannot afford low-e, argon filled replacement windows at this time, don’t buy a cheaper alternative. Install solar window film on your current windows as this can help lower you energy bills temporarily as you save to purchase the new windows you desire.

Many other factors can contribute to the energy efficiency of your new windows. Frame materials and the number of glass panes both should be considered during the selection process. If you can only choose based on one factor though, it is best to go with the window panes themselves. Your savings will be noticed immediately and the return on investment will thrill everyone.

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