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Chapel Hill Nc Homes - Homes in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

condominium in carrborro condominium in chapel hill town home in chapel hill

Chapel Hill is a small town in North Carolina that got its name of Chapel Hill from a church chapel that is located on top of a hill. The chapel is an Anglican church called Chapel of the Cross. The population of Chapel Hill is less than 55,000 people. Chapel Hill is one part of a Triangle grid that includes four other townships located on three corners of Research Triangle Park, which includes Durham, Carrboro, Cary, and Raleigh. There are two high schools in Chapel Hill where one of the high schools is considered to be the best in all of the nation. Chapel Hill is also home to the University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill is also considered to be one of the best places to live in the United States. One of the biggest draws for visitors and residents who live in Chapel Hill is the music scene. Chapel Hill and its surrounding townships have a high priority in music. Many famous music artists came from Chapel Hill. There are many music festivities and a large bar scene that enjoys music from every genre. The most notable attribute of Chapel Hill is that it is the place where astronauts were trained for Apollo missions at a place that is now a local landmark called the Morehead Planetarium. Chapel Hill is one of the only towns that do not charge their residents for bus fare to get around the small city. While walking through town residents can see murals on many brick walls that are works of art done by a local artist. Chapel Hill is a flourishing residential and business community where many people are making their move to enjoy a beautiful city full of promise and hope.

There are many homes available in all five townships that make up Chapel Hill. There are over 20,000 homes available in Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas, where over 200 of them are million dollar mansions and homes that have four, five, seven, and eight bedrooms with eight bathrooms. They are estate homes in the most beautiful and affluent areas of the cities. There are also more affordable homes and condominiums in the $300,000 range and over one hundred foreclosures.

Condominium in Carrborro

Three bedroom and two and half bathroom two story condominiums are available in Carrborro near University Lake. The condominiums have hard wood floors fitted throughout the home. The kitchen has a built-in micro hood microwave, brand new kitchen appliances, cabinets, and counter tops. Brand new lighting throughout with hanging light fixtures and chandeliers. Two car garage and large built in shelves in the living room. The condominiums are immaculate and are near major shopping centers and great schools. Price for this condominium is under $350,000.

Condominium in Chapel Hill

A three bedroom and two bathroom remodeled condominium with a covered porch is available in Chapel Hill. The bedrooms have all new carpets and the living room and dining room have brand new hard wood floors. All brand new lighting, kitchen appliances, cabinets, and counter tops. There are many biking trails near this home that allows for a lot of bike rides and exercise. The condominium is near shopping centers and many schools. Price range is under $350,000.

Single Family Home in Chapel Hill

A six bedroom and three bathroom single family home is available in Chapel Hill in a wooded area called Battle Park with many biking and hiking trails that surround it. It is a secluded home with a long cobblestone walkway up to the home and is surrounded by a lot of trees and forest type settings. It is a very large and spacious home with hardwood floors and tiled floors in living room, den, kitchen, dining room, and bathrooms, and carpet in all bedrooms. The den has double doors that open out onto a large deck. The home is minutes away from the town where residents can enjoy shopping and restaurants. Price ranges for this home are over $350,000.

Town Home in Chapel Hill

A contemporary two story town home with two bedrooms and one and half bathrooms are available in Chapel Hill in a nice neighborhood near schools and shopping centers. It is a large and spacious town home with a living room, dining room, kitchen with all new appliances and built in microwave and dishwasher, garage, patio, and a porch in the price range of over $320,000.

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