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Dirt Devil Swivel Glide - The Dirt Devil Swivel Glide Vacuum is powerful and easy to use

cleaner easily clean dust

For people with large areas of carpeting or rugs, finding a vacuum cleaner that sucks up dirt or pet hair the way it should can be a chore. Many vacuums on the market do not have the suction power that they should. Unlike some of these, the Dirt Devil Swivel Glide sucks up dirt, pet hair and anything else that is needed.

Dirt Devil brand vacuum cleaners are known for being lightweight and durable. They are among the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the market. Manufactured by a US company named TTI Floor Care North America, the Dirt Devil brand of vacuums was introduced in 1984. The brand has grown and thrived in large part because of their quality products which are sold at a reasonable price. Backed by exceptional warranties and some of the finest customer service, Dirt Devil has become the top selling brand of vacuum cleaners.

The Dirt Devil Swivel Glide is a lightweight, 17 pound vacuum, which boasts a powerful 12-amp motor. This style of Dirt Devil is an upright vacuum cleaner which is designed to swivel on its base. This enables the vacuum cleaner to glide easily under furniture and around corners. With a specially patented MicroFresh filtration system, the Dirt Devil Swivel Glide is known for trapping over 99 percent of allergens and dust which are found in the home. Equipped with a 13 inch floor nozzle, the Dirt Devil Swivel Glide cleans a large area with each push. Because the vacuum cleaner relies on a removable cannister versus the old bag system, dirt and dust are easily captured. The cannister easily snaps out of the vacuum cleaner for ease of emptying.

The Dirt Devil Swivel Glide vacuum also comes with a furniture bumper. This unique feature enables the vacuum to be pushed under and around furniture without fear of scratching or denting the furniture. The height can be adjusted to five different levels to effectively clean all types and heights of carpeting. The Dirt Devil Swivel Glide also includes a special setting for bare floors. The hose of the vacuum cleaner easily stretches to provide extra cleaning coverage, and the vacuum cleaner also comes equipped with several on board attachments that enable the user to clean items such as furniture cushions, baseboards, and ceiling fans.

The power switch for the Dirt Devil Swivel Glide is located on the base of the machine and simply takes a gentle tap with the foot to turn off and on. With a long 25 inch cord that is easily retracted with another flip of a switch, the Dirt Devil Swivel Glide vacuum allows the consumer to clean one large room or two small rooms without having to stop and unplug. The upright cannister has a lid that remains in place when removed for emptying. This ensures that dirt and dust remain trapped until the user empties it. No more dirt and dust blowing around as the cannister is carried from the vacuum to the trash can.

Along with the patented MicroFresh filtration system, the Dirt Devil Swivel Glide also contains HEPA filters which are easily cleaned by tapping against a trash can. The combination of MicroFresh filtration and HEPA filters means that not only are 99 percent of dust and allergens removed from the home, but a clean, fresh scent is also left behind after vacuuming.

In addition, the ease of use of the Dirt Devil Swivel Glide means that consumers who suffer from conditions such as arthritis or other physical problems can use this vacuum. The upright design and easy push functionality combined with the tap power switch means that consumers do not have to bend or twist to clean. The gliding system the Dirt Devil Swivel Glide is known for creates a smooth and easy vacuuming experience for all users.

Backed by a two year warranty, the Dirt Devil Swivel Glide provides quality and value for the price. The award winning customer service team is available via phone 24 hours a day to help consumers with any problems or questions they may have about the product.

The Dirt Devil Swivel Glide embodies all the reasons Dirt Devil is the number one producer of vacuum cleaners.

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