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Embassy Suite Hotels - Embassy Suite Hotels offer guests a taste of the suite life

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Embassy Suite Hotels are synonymous with both value and luxury. All rooms at the Embassy Suite Hotels offer two room suites with one room as a bedroom containing either one king size bed or two queen size beds. The other room of the suite contains a sitting area with a sofa that pulls out to form another bed, a television, armchair, and a bar area complete with a refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot. Tables with lamps and an area for working, complete with data and Internet ports allow business travelers the luxury of working in a well-lit, pleasant environment. Each bedroom also boasts a safe, closet, and another television.

Well lit bathrooms that are spacious and luxurious can be found at Embassy Suite Hotels. For the traveler who has forgotten a razor, toothbrush, or shaving cream, one quick call to the front desk and guest services ensures that the item left behind will be sent complimentary to the room.

The Embassy Suite Hotels boast a free cooked to order breakfast that is included in the cost of the room. Breakfast items range from the made to order omelets that the hotel chain is famous for, to a variety of yogurts, eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits, and grits or hashbrowns. In season fruits are also offered, along with a variety of tempting pastries. For those trying to be health conscious and heart healthy, Embassy Suite Hotels also offer an oatmeal bar, where fresh Irish oats are offered in an old fashioned cauldron along with all the fixings. These include brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla flavoring, raisins, and butter and cream or low-fat milk. In addition, each Embassy Suite Hotel offers a managers reception that is open from 5pm-7pm each night. A selection of appetizers is offered along with a complimentary glass of wine or other adult beverage from a skilled bartender. For the children, the bartender will either create sweet concoctions such as Shirley Temples or Rob Roys, or will proffer an offering of assorted soft drinks.

Most Embassy Suite Hotels are designed in the atrium style with rooms ringing around a downstairs lobby that is built as a garden or rainforest. Soft music is piped in to go along with the motif that usually includes waterfalls, fountains and plenty of blooming plants. Elevators are made of glass and offer guests the opportunity to gaze upon the atrium as they travel up or down the levels to their suites. Drink and snack machines, along with ice machines, are neatly tucked into alcoves, away from the suites, so that guests are not disturbed by the rattle and hum of these machines.

Embassy Suite Hotels also generally offer a full dining room where lunch and dinner may be ordered. Many Embassy Suite Hotels have award winning restaurants located within. In addition to delicious lunches and dinners, these restaurants also serve as room service for those travelers who wish to dine within their rooms. Desk and room attendants are trained by Embassy Suite Hotels to offer directions and places of local interest with a smile. If a traveler becomes locked out of their room, staff are quick to let them in, after ensuring that the occupant belongs to the room in question. A travelers safety and comfort are the first concern of Embassy Suite Hotel employees.

Conference rooms are usually also available for business travelers who wish to hold seminars or meetings. Appointed with large tables and plenty of seating, the staff at the Embassy Suite Hotels will also keep fresh coffee and water stocked for those important business meetings.

The beds are soft and comfortable with plenty of thick, fluffy pillows. Many Embassy Suite Hotels also offer gyms or workout facilities onsite, along with swimming pools, both indoor or outdoor. Fresh towels are always available downstairs near the pools. 24 hour housekeeping and maintenance staff are around to make sure that any problem is taken care of immediately and that the hotel stays clean.

Embassy Suite Hotels are a great value and a luxury for the price. Whether traveling alone on business, or on vacation with a spouse and children, the Embassy Suite Hotels offer each traveler a well deserved taste of the suite life.

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