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Homes For Sale Arlington Va - Suburban Condo and Single Family Homes for Sale In Arlington VA

safety and convenience scoping out the area shopping and commuting neighborhood

Arlington VA is considered one of Washington DC’s most popular suburbs. Though it is not a vibrant community in and of itself, it is quite close to the Nation’s Capital and is considered a generally clean and safe suburb to live in, if you want to be close to the action in Washington DC, or if you work in the area.

Many people are interested in finding homes for sale in Arlington VA, because they move to DC for a career in the government, the CIA, the FBI, or in the field of IT. These are large hiring bodies located in the District of Columbia and its suburbs, that are constantly attracting and relocating qualified talent.

Many times, when a new person is hired into one of these industries or organizations, the new hire receives relocation expenses, and can choose housing for herself and her family. Even though some new hire transplants are not provided with relocation expenses, Arlington is still a popular area for people to live in when they relocate to DC for work.

Because of the typical Arlington price point for buying homes for sale in Arlington VA, this is not a common area attracting college students and young people — though it’s possible for a young person to live in Arlington on a low budget in a roommate situation.

An Expanding Metropolis Due to Political Shifts

DC has always been popular place to live. With every new political shift in the presidency and within the governing bodies, new people arrive in DC to be part of the, ‘magic,’ or to speak out against what they believe is wrong. DC is attractive for journalists, political commentators, and other people that are active because of government policies and happenings.

One of the More Affordable Virginia Areas to Live In

One great thing about Arlington VA is that it’s a pretty affordable place to live when compared to other locations in VA. In fact, it is one of the lower cost areas that you will find in the Commonwealth. It is located just a short 30 minutes from Washington DC by car — if there is no traffic — and there are numerous apartment complexes in Arlington and condo homes for sale in Arlington VA. For many single people and smaller families, this makes Arlington one of the best and most affordable choices for DC living.

Safety and Convenience

Before you go out there and purchase your new Arlington home, there are a few things you should take into consideration. No discussion of living in the Washington metropolitan area would be complete without letting you know that the traffic in DC can be horrendous. This is definitely something you have to take into account if you live in Arlington VA. Without traffic, your commute most places will be 30 – 45 minutes by car, but with traffic, it could take as long as 3 or 4 hours to get from one place to another. Peak traffic times in the DC area are between 6:30 am and 10:00 am, and then again later from 2:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Monday through Sunday. Sometimes weekends are better; sometimes they are not.

In addition to traffic issues, there has been a growth in gang activity in the Virginia area — specifically MS-13 affiliated groups. So it would be wise for you to check out your potential neighborhood in Arlington VA for safety and crime statistics before you move in.

Scoping Out the Area

If you are planning to move to Arlington, you will be happy to know that there are a lot of 4 and 5 star hotels located in Arlington. Arlington is a place where a lot of business people come for conferences, and it is a place where many corporations will set up their employees that are visiting DC on business. If you are not sure whether Arlington is the place for you, you can comfortably check out your surroundings, take in fine cuisine, enjoy a movie, or visit a few local bars while you decide if this comfortable suburban town will meet your needs.

Shopping and Commuting

Some of the main draws of Arlington are the Pentagon City Mall, and the fact that Arlington provides very quick and easy access to both 395 and 295. These two highways can carry you all across the DC Metro area, and once you learn them, you will find it quite easy to get around. Many commuters use the Washington DC Metro Rail and bus system to get around as well. Arlington is located on the area’s Yellow line which connects in China Town and several other places throughout the city. There are several buses that frequent Arlington as well.


When you are shopping for homes for sale in Arlington VA , you have to realize that it’s not much of a community type of place. It is a comfortable place to live, and a good suburb, but most of the action is in the city of Washington DC.

If you are looking for a town with its own artistic community, festivals and community events, Arlington might not be quite what you’re looking for, though the area is changing daily.

The most readily available homes for sale in Arlington VA are typically going to be condo homes and single family units. Arlington has a vibrant energy that is distinctly young and adult professional. The vibe has also always been somewhat transitional. So if this works for you, then starting out in Arlington could be the ideal choice for you alone, or for you and your small family.

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