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Lodging Lake Tahoe - For Lodging, Lake Tahoe is the Best

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If you are planning a trip to Lake Tahoe and looking for lodging, Lake Tahoe has some of the best options available in the entire United States, with hotels, condos, rental apartments, and much more. If you are staying for just a short amount of time, you can find hotels that will rent out rooms for just a few nights. If you are staying for an indeterminate amount of time, you can find apartments that will suit your desires. As far as options are concerned for lodging, lake Tahoe can cover all of your traveling needs.

One of the best hotels in the Lake Tahoe area is the Bluelake Inn. As the name implies, this hotel is right near the lake and can provide you with quick access to the water. The Inn boasts sixty-eight rooms, so you can come to it with big groups and expect to find lodging. Some of these rooms are fancy suites, and all of the rooms and suites have either king or queen beds. Some of the suites can offer a little bit extra in terms of atmosphere, as they have fireplaces and views of the skiing areas, which can really make a room feel warm and cozy. The Bluelake Inn has comfortable beds and offers coffee and breakfast in the morning for those who want to get out and go to the nearby ski hills or the private beach. No matter the season, then, the Bluelake Inn can make for a fun and convenient place to stay.

For a bit bigger of a destination, you can go to the Tahoe Keys resort. It is situated on the beautiful south shore of the lake, and is ideal for lodging; Lake Tahoe can easily be accessed for swimming or boating. This resort is dedicated to the waterfront experience, to the point that many of the homes and condos that sprawl along the coastline come with private docks for boats that you have rented or brought with you on the trip. The owners of the Tahoe Keys Resort do recognize that many people will come in the winter, however, and so all of the cozy homes are equipped with fireplaces to keep them warm. The resort itself has many different things that you can use, including tennis courts, pools that are both indoor for the winter and outdoor for the summer, and bicycles that do not even have to be rented, but just come with the condo.

Another great destination for lodging, Lake Tahoe style, is the 3 Peaks Resort & Beach Club. This resort will give you an experience that truly will stand apart, as their accommodations are styled to look like log cabins. They are located in a prime spot to get out on the lake or beach, but are also close to the mountains and skiing areas — this way, you will not have to worry about what season it is when you are trying to book a place to stay. The log cabins are approved for pets, so you can come for a long vacation and not have to wonder what to do about your dog or cat back at home. Furthermore, they are located close to the downtown casinos. These can not only provide hours of entertainment — and, possibly, much in the way of winnings — but can also give you a good place to go and eat, should you want to get out on the town.

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful destination. All of the above places to stay offer picturesque views of the lake and the surrounding mountains that make the basin such a high point in many travelers’ lives. While some of the hotels offer different services — fireplaces, bicycles, and the like — you are sure to find one that fits your budget and your needs. All of them offer phone and internet service, both for booking transportation in the form of rental cars or taxis and for setting up skiing or boating excursions on the lakes. They all have excellent room service and friendly staff who can bring food and drinks to your room. With all of these options for lodging, Lake Tahoe is perfect.

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