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Book Driving Test - Preparing for the Book Driving Test

first read-through what to concentrate on

Passing the book driving test is the first step toward earning a driver’s license in most cities in the United States. The test usually consists of 20 – 30 short questions in a multiple choice format. Most cities will only allow you to answer 2 questions incorrectly in order to pass the test. It is important to properly prepare yourself for the book driving test so that you will not have to take it over and over again.

The Importance of the Book Driving Test

Anyone who is a legal resident of the United States and 15 years old or older is eligible to take the book driving test. Most teenagers take the test when they are 15 so that they can qualify for a learner’s permit that allows them to practice driving. Passing the book driving test is important because you can not proceed to taking the physical driving test until the book test has been successfully completed. You are allowed to retake the book driving test as many times as you need to so that you pass. Until you pass, however, you will not be able to obtain a driver’s license.

First Read-Through

The motor vehicle departments of each state publish booklets that contain all of the driving laws for that particular state. This handbook is your guide for the book driving test. When you first begin studying for the test, read the handbook through from cover to cover. Do not concentrate on any particular chapter or concept at first, just familiarize yourself with all of the content. The booklets are small, so you should be able to skim through in as little as half an hour.

What to Concentrate on

Once you have read the booklet all the way through, it is time to concentrate on specific concepts that are likely to be on the test. The booklet is separated into sections. Use a highlighter and go through each section slowly. When you see a term or a rule that seems important, use your highlighter to make it stand out from the rest of the text. Chapter headings and bolded text are important things to study. You should also pay close attention to the first sentence in a paragraph. First sentences in driving manuals tend to include the information that is important.

The Type of Questions to Expect

Every book driving test is different. If you took the test three times in the same week, you would be presented with three different sets of questions. The questions tend to deal with traffic safety laws that you may not expect to have to know. The book driving test will assume that you understand what a stop sign is, so any questions that deal with road signs will be about more obscure items like railroad crossing signs. The test is designed to make sure that you will know what to do when you are faced with an unexpected driving situation.

Why People Tend to Fail the First Attempt

Many people fail the book driving test the first time they try it. The main reason that the failure rate is so high is that most people glance through the table of contents of the driving booklet and believe that they already know all of the rules that are included in the book. The book driving test is meant to challenge you and make you prove that you read the book thoroughly. It is not enough to have a general knowledge of common driving laws. You must be prepared to answer questions about driving laws that you may never encounter in your normal daily drive.

The Benefit of a Formal Driving Class

If you have the chance, attending a formal driving class before you take the book driving test can make the process much easier. A driving class will include mock tests that will give you an idea of exactly what to expect from your test questions. Your instructor will be able to guide you through the important points that you may not have noticed when you studied the book on your own. A driving class is the best way to prepare yourself for the book driving test because you will learn exactly what you need to know for the test.

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