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Television Ceiling Mount - Find the Right Television Ceiling Mount

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Flat panel televisions are taking the electronic world by storm and will replace most rear projection televisions in a few years. Besides the sleek design and higher quality picture, flat panel televisions are much lighter and versatile when it comes to their placement. For this reason, there have been many innovations in the television ceiling mount industry over the last few years. Traditionally, television ceiling mounts were bulky and hard to use in the average home. Television ceiling mounts of the past were used in schools, business rooms, and other areas that needed a larger viewing area for televisions. However, with the invention of the flat panel television, mounts come in multiple shapes and sizes and allow for variations in viewing angles. Mounts are also made from high quality metal that is much lighter than the traditional frames used to mount televisions to ceilings and walls. A great aspect of these newly advanced ceiling tv mounts is the fact that practically every television can be mounted to the wall or ceiling with one of the many ceiling tv mounts that are offered to the average consumer.
Rotating Mounts
As stated prior, television ceiling mounts come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as the rotating ceiling tv mount. This mount can be installed on a wall or the ceiling and allows the person watching the television to rotate it in a left or right fashion. This is great for areas such as waiting rooms and hospitals because the need may arise to relocate the seating within the room. In the case that the seating must be moved, the television ceiling mount can also be rotated as well to accommodate the viewing area. Rotating mounts can cost the consumer anywhere from $70 – $150 depending on what style the person chooses. Normally, the lighter the metal that is used in the framing, the more expensive the mount will be. However, weight is a concern when mounting ceiling mounts in places of little support where one should place as little amount of weight on the wall or ceiling as possible.
Tilt Mounts
Along with the rotating mounts, there are also tilt mounts too. These mounts allow the user to adjust the tilt. This is especially useful in places where audiences are seated in rows behind one another. By tilting the screen upwards, the entire audience can view the television instead of having to lean around or stretch over the person in front of them. These mounts are priced very similar to the rotating ceiling television mounts.
Full Motion Mounts
Full motion mounts have become increasingly popular in places where multiple people need to view the television screen but may be situated in different areas such as operating rooms. Of the present, many operating rooms and medical procedure rooms use television screens to increase the size of the operating area. Sometimes practitioner may need to move the screens for other colleagues to see. In this case, it is very helpful to have a full motion television ceiling mount that can swing up, down, left, and right. These types of television ceiling mounts are more expensive than the tilt mounts or rotating mounts. A quality full motion mount may cost between $150 – $300 depending on what model one chooses.
For most television ceiling mounts, it is recommended that a professional carpenter complete the project. For those that wish to complete the job him or herself, he or she should have a drill, hammer, drill bit, level, pencil, and tape measure. Installation will involve drilling holes into one’s wall or ceiling and installing screws for which to mount the brackets. A certain amount of pressure should be placed on the television ceiling mount once installation is complete to test its sturdiness. Only after a strength test has been performed should the television be mounted to the television ceiling mount.

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