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Ladies Gold Watches - How to Choose a Ladies Gold Watch

where to buy styles and colors additional features

While some may consider a watch simply a tool used to tell time, many women view timepieces as a chance to accessorize. Because a watch is such a valuable and frequently worn accessory, it is wise to choose a gold watch. Although this precious metal will cost you more, a ladies gold watches double as an elegant piece of jewelry, thus increasing their value beyond that of a simple timepiece.

Where to Buy

Gold watches can be purchased at any location where watches are sold. If shopping online, a simple Internet search for “gold watches” or “luxury watches” will lead you to many sites that carry these items. It is wise to read the reviews on these sites to ensure that they are trustworthy and provide quality products. For those looking to shop in brick and mortar stores, ladies gold watches can be found in department stores, as well as stores that specialize in watches. The elegance and beauty of gold watches has also found them a place in jewelry stores, where these elegant timepieces lay beside tennis bracelets and diamond necklaces. Purchasing a gold watch in person is a wise idea, as it will give you the opportunity to inspect it and ensure this is the item you would like. For more intricate designs or embedded precious jewels, a jewelry store is your best bet.

Styles and Colors

Gold watches come in many different styles, from simple bands with bold faces, to intricate and delicate bands with jewel-encrusted faces. Before you decide which type of watch you would like, you must consider where you will be wearing it. If you plan to wear this watch while running errands and going to work, you would likely prefer a simpler style. One advantage of gold watches is that they are sturdy enough to wear doing mundane everyday tasks, but still add a splash of elegance if worn for a night on the town. Even the simplest of gold watches will look luxurious when paired with an evening gown. However, if you only plan to wear your watch on special occasions, you may prefer a more delicate and extravagant style. No matter what your decision, there is sure to be a gold watch that meets your needs.

One important decision you must make is what color you would like your watch to be. The most common color of gold is yellow gold, but white gold and rose gold are also available. This choice is dependent on the color of the rest of your jewelry, which your watch should coordinate with.

Another basic decision is whether you prefer digital or analog. Digital watches display the time as glowing numbers, much like on your DVD player or other electronic devices. Analog watches display the time using hands, like a traditional clock. Although analog watches are traditionally the more elegant choice, many beautiful and expensive watches are now available with digital faces. If you have a bad habit of scratching the glass covering the face of your watch, it may be wise to purchase a watch with a harder sapphire crystal covering. This covering will help your watch maintain its new, scratch-free, appearance.

Additional Features

Once you have narrowed down your choices to a couple different types of watches, your final decision will likely be based on any additional features available. For example, many watches are available in water-resistant or waterproof models. If you are likely to get your watch wet, this would be an important deciding factor. Other watches have accessories available, such as extra links for the wristband, or the ability to swap out wristbands. Finally, consider whether a warranty is included or available for purchase. If you are spending a lot of money on a watch, you want to make sure that it will function for a long time. If a company is not willing to provide a warranty for the product, you may want to consider purchasing another watch.

Depending on the style and materials you choose, your gold watch can cost anywhere from $500 to $40,000. Taking the time to research your purchase will ensure that you purchase a quality watch that you are pleased with for years to come.

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