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Antique Clock Parts - Finding antique clock parts is a worthwhile challenge

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If you have a precious antique clock that needs repairing, finding antique clock parts is a worthwhile challenge. An older clock, especially one that has been passed down from generation to generation, is a priceless treasure and should be “pampered” by keeping it running by finding the proper parts that will do the job. These clocks hold their value very well if they are properly maintained, and they can be a fashionable addition to either an old-fashioned or a modern designed home.

Because antique timepieces are valuable heirlooms and are also sought by enthusiastic collectors, there are suppliers and special clock repair shops that will keep the antique clocks in good running shape. Most collectors want the antique clock parts to be original in order to keep the clocks “legitimate”. Skilled craftsmen are not only familiar with all the antique clock parts and how to maintain and repair the timepieces; but also, if necessary, those talented repairmen can often custom make the necessary parts to give the clock the high quality it deserves.

If you think the needed parts are minor and that you might be able to obtain the parts yourself so that you will not have to pay a mark-up on those prices when you take them and your clock to a reputable local clock repair shop, first you must ascertain the clock’s manufacturer. You should be able to find that information on the bottom, back, or face of the clock.

The internet is a fabulous research tool because there are companies that specialize in parts for antique clocks. Timesavers and Merritts Antiques are ones that have been in business for many years and not only can sell to you online, but they also have extensive catalogs that you can order and read at your leisure before ordering by phone, mail, or computer. If you prefer going to a bookstore or library and looking for the parts, a recommended book is the Antique Clock Identification and Pricing Guide. Over 19,000 photographs and descriptions are available on their database. Abbey Clock Repair will guide you through the very different parts and tools that are needed for various clocks. Abbey also has a directory of local repair services and even offers a free e-book that you can download.

Another source is the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute, which also gives certification courses for those truly interested in horology (the study of anything related to timekeeping devices). They also provide a directory so that you can find the certified antique clock repair men and women in your area.

It is very important that you pick a professional clock repair shop that specializes in antique clocks so that you can be assured that the replacement parts in your prized possession will be properly and safely installed by a clockmaker who has many years of experience in keeping antique clocks operational. Often a family clock repair business will have had owners who have done this particular work for generations and are experts in replacing antique clock parts.

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