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Ddr 333 Memory - How to Buy DDR 333 Memory

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If your computer is slow and being bogged down when you have multiple programs open, your may need to add more memory (RAM) to your computer. Adding more RAM (random access memory) is a quick and easy solution that may extend the life of your computer, allowing you to run programs quicker than before. However, adding RAM may not be the solution that you are hoping for if your system is handicapped by other older and underpowered components like a slow CPU or old graphics card. But, adding RAM is the least expensive and quickest way to squeeze a little bit more performance out of an aging system. If your computer is more than five or six years old, chances are that you will need to purchase DDR 3 memory in order to upgrade your system.

What is RAM and Why Do You Need More of It?

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory and virtually all computers depend on it to perform operations and function. RAM is the system memory for the computer, a place where your computer stores data before being passed to the central processing unit (CPU). You can think about RAM in terms of the human brain and memory. Your brain stores memory in certain spots, which is analogous to RAM. When a memory is recalled, higher areas of brain function like the cerebral cortex (the CPU in this crude example) process the memories and let you make sense of them and recall visual information and emotions that the memory evokes.

RAM is made up of tiny capacitors, microscopic circuits that are designed to store a charge. A capacitor in RAM can either store a charge or not store a charge. This difference translates in a series of 1s and 0s called binary code, which the CPU can translate and process into useful information to perform all of its operations and data manipulation.

All programs require different amounts of RAM to operate and function correctly. When you have too many programs open at once, they are all fighting for the limited space in your RAM, which slows down your computer. The data gets stuck in a bottleneck and cannot get passed to the CPU quickly enough. One way to solve this is to add more RAM so that your programs are no longer competing for space in your system memory. Fortunately making this upgrade is easy to do and relatively inexpensive.

What is DDR 333 Memory?

While all RAM works in the same way at its most basic level, there are slight variations in how it can work. Most modern personal computers dating back to the 1990s use a type of RAM called SDRAM. This type of RAM worked by sending data to the CPU at regular intervals called a clock cycle. The clock cycle in a computer system has two components — the front half and the back half of an oscillating wave. SDRAM always sent data to the CPU on the front half of the oscillating wave.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, memory manufacturers developed DDR ram, an improvement on the standard SDRAM. DDR stands for Double Data Rate RAM, which as its name implies, means that the speed with which the data moved from the memory to the CPU was doubled from SDRAM. DDR memory achieves this feat by sending information to the CPU on both halves of the clock cycle.

DDR memory comes in many speeds, which are measured in megahertz. For example, DDR 333 memory runs at 333 MHz. DDR 333 memory is also sometimes called PC 2700 DDR ram or PC 2700 memory.

How to Add DDR 333 Memory to Your Computer

Installing extra memory into your computers is one of the easiest upgrades that you can do. First, consult your computer documentation to find out what kind of memory your computer needs and the size of the chip that it requires. For example, DDR 333 memory comes in sticks that are of different sizes and configurations denoted by the number of pins. Most of the time, computers need 184 pin sticks of memory, but other common sizes are 200 and 248. None of these are compatible with the others, so it is important to buy the right one. Once you have determined that your computer requires DDR 333 memory, purchase it at any electronics store or on the internet. When you are ready to install your new memory, turn off your computer and unplug all of the wires and connections leading to the back of the computer. Remove the case according to your instruction manual and look for the RAM slots. In order to remove the old ones, press the tabs on either end of the sticks, which should release them. Next, insert your new DDR 333 memory into the slots, making sure that they are aligned properly into the slot. After that, press down firmly. You should feel the DDR 333 memory slide into the slot. Finally, secure the two end tabs and reconnect everything. Now, power on your computer. If all has gone well, you will have a faster computer and be able to have more programs running at the same time. If your computer does not turn on or makes strange beeping noises, unplug everything and make sure that all of your wires are connected properly and that the DDR 333 memory is in place.

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